Huang Xiaoming lost book caused by the subway outage Team response not on the same day-追踪309

Huang Xiaoming lost book caused by the subway outage? The team responded: not on the same day – Beijing recently, British actor Elmar Watson on the subway? "Lost book", his love books in any corner of the subway, and a message note caught in the book, in order to promote the reading and reading. Huang Xiaoming also learn Elmar, November 15th, at 8:30 on the morning of, he sent the micro-blog said to participate in the Beijing subway lost book big battle, caused a small stir on the internet. However, some friends broke the news, said: Huang Xiaoming lost book battle led to a 15 subway outage in Beijing, causing users accused, and questioned the loss of the book is speculation Huang Xiaoming. The evening of November 16th, the West China Metropolis Daily reporter interviewed Huang Xiaoming propaganda team miss Zhang Congcong, she responded on behalf of Huang Xiaoming, said: users may misunderstand. Huang Xiaoming lost his book on the Beijing subway in November 14th, not 15. Beijing, a subway outage is 15 days. In fact, I have nothing to do with Huang Xiaoming." Miss Zhang Congcong on behalf of Huang Xiaoming continued to respond, said Huang Xiaoming Beijing subway lost books, not hype. But in order to the Internet era, after 80, 90, after 00 young people to read more books, read good books, is a public interest in reading. So, let Huang Xiaoming made a scapegoat, is indeed a misunderstanding. In fact, many users are also standing on the side of Huang Xiaoming, really funny, Huang Xiaoming book, can affect the subway operation?" They are just a good public service activities, do not have the ability to affect the traffic." Soon, the MTR administrative micro-blog also confirmed that a subway outage is temporary because of technical failure. Zhang Congcong said, Beijing lost the book on the subway in, is a public welfare undertakings. In the future, he will continue this activity. Huang Xiaoming also likes to buy books, reading books and books in his life. Reading is Huang Xiaoming’s greatest pleasure in his spare time. Almost every shot of a play, Huang Xiaoming in order to shape the character, he would like to find a book to read this book. Read more books, read good books, so that Huang Xiaoming tasted the benefits of reading, but also to continue to improve his acting career.相关的主题文章: