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Network management exposes the Internet cafe Insider: lost my youth still so many pits remember when the university to the Internet cafes, the machine is not bad, the environment is not good. However, for us, there are places to play games, but also online, has been very happy. Although some people is carrying the memories of the place, but you may not know the Internet shady. Li Yi, a management, in the cafe waiter, cleaners, spy friends @ fish 99999999  his eyes reveal the post bar is what it looks like, although there is a period of time, but suddenly get up, let us take a look at his mouth of the Internet in the Internet — landlord survival guide did the network did the waiter worked as a cleaner to be a spy, this book brings together the landlord’s life blood. In general, to clean point, suggest or pick the most obvious place, after all, the landlord made clean, often the most obvious seat is more careful to clean up after all, afraid of the boss to take a look. The table is a pile of garbage, dirty, so individual Internet cafes are will be deducted from wages, more and more prominent position clean, we can say that even under the table is very clean, the chair will also paint, do not worry about the unknown liquid. Came to the Internet cafes, but also to see some small movies, some people think that no one found in the corner location, you think so wrong, the network is generally a man, I tried to stop behind the corner of the man to watch the end of the wave. After all, the corner location is not obvious, holding a broom like the boss thought I was sweeping the floor, do a little better monitoring of Internet cafes, I tried directly in front of the cashier side while watching the monitor. In general, to the Internet cafes want to have a good service, the most important thing between people? Respect. I have seen the workers to instant noodles inside feeding, I can not do it, at most to drag him ten minutes before him, or let him have no money automatically shut down, in fact, came to the Internet, I have seen a lot of big class, what should look like Uncle, said straight, I don’t know you what, I don’t give you a direct collision behind you to do more to set feeding. Want to get better service, you give me a cigarette or polite say handsome or network, then politely say your request, the very heart of the network to do will help you one day, network contact person can say a lot, by not polite to you so many, courtesy of his. He would appreciate it, this is a very personal instinct. In general, go to Internet cafes, some people put the garbage all over the table guazike floor, I suggest you not to sit next to him, how to say, that is very likely to stay for a few days in the cafe, a taste, do not know to have done things that move on under the situation, and the location is also sitting on the inside, I often see some fell asleep, hands in the pants do not know what. I do not know if you have tried, the money is enough to spend so much time, but it will advance the machine? In fact, the general cashier did know, you in this class to shift when the liquidation, less money to pay, some Internet cafes is less to make money, the more you still pay the extra money, don’t say to ourselves or to.相关的主题文章: