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Hunan 2017: "singer" Tiaodang "spend less" "big coffee variety show" the return of Hunan satellite TV 2017 layout entertainment news (by Xiao Nan) October 22nd, Hunan satellite TV advertising campaign will be held in Haikou. At the meeting, Hunan satellite TV officially released the 2017 new channel arrangement, 2017 key channel programs and broadcast season activities, 2017 TV channel resources. Among them, 14 new files show led variety matrix, Feng Xiaogang, Nanpai Sanshu and other large coffee program will create a new story mode, "I am a singer" fifth season out on Friday nights, adjusted to the first quarter of Saturday nights, it is gratifying to enjoy the good reputation of "flowers and young" big coffee variety show "two files the program will return in the second quarter, respectively, and the third quarter Saturday nights on Sunday nights. TV drama, "sea of clouds" and "hunting" quality is expected to play a big drama trend, "not" reward "alone" official "summer solstice" negotiations will continue to play as meat Huadan brush face, starring Fan Bingbing "win the world" although not yet started, but is expected to be opened in 2018 to become big drama. Strategy: the theater with variety expansion, Hunan TV programs for veteran rookie way released a new scheduling strategy in 2017: the channel through the week overall pattern from the original "4+3" to "3+4", "Diamond independent radio theater" and "Youth" of the two week theater broadcast together in Monday to Wednesday. Late Thursday to Sunday, 22:00 file; 7 show cluster dating shows throughout the year to Thursday evening 22:00 file, four weekend pattern with the sowing season and the two classic products, product structure to build five program clusters, the audience continued to lock the "pattern of the week, the weekend young women" strategy. In the specific layout, the highly anticipated fifth season of "I’m a singer" fought on Saturday nights, "real man" "flowers and young" is moved to Sunday nights, the most intense competition is highlighted Friday prime time "magic child" "72" "master" odd building top rookie, veteran advantage project a new way to show, can see the Hunan TV in the bold innovation and change. In addition, Hunan TV in 2017 to further open the door, let the homemade team and corporate competition, preferably top products on exposure of the strongest partner lineup including Feng Xiaogang, Nanpai Sanshu and Jin Rongxi and other domestic first-line production company. Layout list: Monday to Wednesday ten stalls: "when the youth" week theater broadcast Thursday ten files: "a single war", dating, dating, dating: Friday prime time "magic child", "72 floor", "top layer odd master", "we have come to" Friday ten files: "every day" Saturday prime time: "happy camp" ten points Saturday file: "I am a singer", "I want to sing with you", "big coffee variety show", "the charm of the king": "Sunday prime time longing for life", "love", China wind "real man", "masterpiece" expedition ten on Sunday: "filial piety", file whirlwind "flowers and young", "the actor’s birth", "Party B" "spend less" "big coffee variety show" 2017 variety: Feng Xiaogang Southern three "regression相关的主题文章: