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The Ministry of education, Guangdong and other 15 provinces have canceled three of the original title: the Ministry of education disclosure batch of college admissions reform in Guangdong and other 15 provinces have abolished the "three" Nandu news reporter Feng Qunxing recently disclosed the Ministry of education, college admissions batch reform has achieved positive results, as of 2016, has been in Guangdong, Hebei, Hubei 15 provinces canceled the three batch of undergraduate. Experts believe that this may be forced universities to create more disciplines and high-quality brand discipline. Guangdong: an appropriate increase in the number of parallel voluntary understanding, college admissions in three batches, in the beginning of this century with the rise of private colleges and universities. The increase in the number of colleges and universities, a large number of private colleges and universities, independent colleges set up and enrollment. Undergraduate colleges and universities are artificially divided into one or two, three batches of admission, facilitate the admission, but led to the formation of barriers between colleges and universities and educational discrimination. According to the State Council issued on 2014 to deepen the reform of the examination and enrollment system reform opinions, to promote the reform of college admissions batch, the next batch will be phased out. Measures to protect the ground around the reform initiatives, the Ministry of education, especially the practice of Guangdong province. It is understood that the Guangdong province will be the first volunteer group of 5 colleges volunteer number increased to 7 in the number of volunteers, second volunteer group of 3 colleges volunteer number increased to 4 in the number of volunteers, to further improve the parallel application mode, and strive to improve the effectiveness and pertinence of voluntary reporting. Shanghai: after the merger of one or two admissions reform started, many provinces are the first to explore the merger of undergraduate and third batches of second. This year, Hebei, Liaoning, Jiangxi and other provinces will be two or three batches of mergers and acquisitions, Guangdong is the merger of the two A, B batch. As of this year, a total of 15 provinces across the country canceled the three batch of undergraduate. Next year, Henan and Beijing will merge two or three batches. The Ministry of education official said, at present does not appear due to reform led to the candidates volunteer satisfaction rate and satisfaction rate of decline in University Toudang drop. At the same time, the reform of the policy effect appears to protect the interests of candidates, and strengthen discipline and professional direction at the same time, colleges and universities can promote greater emphasis on discipline construction and professional training to attract candidates to school characteristics. More and more provinces merged two or three batches of undergraduate, the "three" or will exit the stage of history. It is worth noting that Shanghai’s reform further, this year will be one of the two, the merger is a batch of admission, only batch and specialist undergraduate batches. Study experts: forced universities to build brand characteristics, the Ministry of education experts pointed out that the way to adjust admission, is actually canceled the priority enrollment of some colleges and universities, colleges and universities may be forced to create more characteristic discipline and high quality brand name, is conducive to improve the overall level of the development of higher education. In addition, there is no longer a, two of the three, the boundaries and obstacles of examinee psychological, all colleges and universities on the same starting line enrollment, more conducive to the quality of professional college recruiting to high-quality students. Education scholar, vice president of Education Research Institute in twenty-first Century, said Xiong Bingqi, from the three or even the abolition of the reform of the practice of the province has seen the two provinces, the abolition of undergraduate batches will not camp相关的主题文章: