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The KMT Central Standing Committee report: the Cai Yingwen family estate for the assets of the Kuomintang general Taiwan media reports, the green camp to promote the so-called "transitional justice" spare no effort, open up to 100 million yuan (NT, the same below) of the "reward", "encourage" people to report the assets of the kuomintang. KMT Central Standing Committee, Tainan City Council member Xie Longjie day in Taiwan before the political program, open to the "improper party chairman Gu Lixiong propaganda, to report on the Cai Yingwen family holds the sea king land assets of the Kuomintang, and said the report about bonus share of tens of millions, will be donated to the family support center. According to Taiwan’s "Chinese times" reported that in order to encourage the public to assist the inventory of the assets of the kuomintang. "Party committee" through improper handling "incentives", the future will be based on the evidence of the importance of giving 1% of the property named whistleblower reward, the maximum limit of 100 million yuan, there are people spit to report, "the committee" can go to the 1 floor of delivery. In September 7th, the KMT Central Standing Committee, Tainan City Council member Xie Longjie to participate in the political program, "night" when asked to play the right, open to the "improper Party committee chair Gu Lixiong shouted," you will take care of those funds "," folks have told me that these let you use ", but Cai Yingwen was destined to be four years, people have no sympathy for the Kuomintang after four years, but they hope to change the Kuomintang" improper Fund Committee "to all the foundations are pulled out, they also want to see the inside of tens of billions of dollars. Xie Longjie pointed out that in the political program, haibawang estate is the assets of the Kuomintang Xie Longjie pointed out, because Gu Lixiong said an improper property of the highest prize can have one hundred million, here he has a money contribution, probably tens of millions, and said the money must have. Sherron said he would report the introduction, Zhongshan North Road is the sea king land, when a man is Jiang Jieshi trust was five, but the transfer to father Cai Yingwen Cai Jiesheng. Sherron said the building name is medium, either sleep five, transfer has become Cai Jiesheng, his official report which is now in the assets of the Kuomintang, Cai family name. Xie Longjie said, this may be less than 100 million bonus, there are tens of millions of money, this is donated to the family support center. Cai Yingwen attended the activities mentioned haibawang (Taiwan media reports screenshot) the sea overlord land, used to be the military land, Cai Yingwen in 2009 to attend the activities mentioned haibawang, when she said "this is my family business, but we are only the landlord, the restaurant is not within the scope of our company." Cai Zhengyuan, executive director of the KMT policy at the end of last year to open a press conference, had raised the price of land acquired by the king of the land of the overlord of the family, according to the court documents, it is likely to NT $14! Cai Zhengyuan said at the time, I don’t think I myself! We were shocked to see the court papers. He was obtained after a lawsuit, the amount of the lawsuit is NT $14. According to Taiwan "in the electronic newspaper" reported earlier, Cai Yingwen’s father Cai Jiesheng by aircraft repair, repair success, the remaining assets to the 10 children is quite amazing, Tsai’s rich history is also is the Hong Kong legends of Taiwan". Cai’s assets, mostly rely on Cai Jiesheng hard accumulated. Cai Jiesheng was a star at the time of Japanese occupation相关的主题文章: