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"She" boot Wan Nien Yucheng perfect CP- entertainment group to pay Sohu Wan Nien paid Yucheng stills actor Wan Nien Fu Yucheng perfect Sohu CP entertainment urban love comedy film "the man she stood aside" on the day before in Beijing starting, starring Wan Nien, Fu Yucheng etc. all the scene, we have thumbs up buzin photo to the smooth shooting Tim force and encouraging children. Vanyn, Fu Yan Yucheng is acting both value faction, Vanyn played a most rewarding rascal in Hunan TV hit idol drama "The Classic of the Great Wilderness fantasy myth legend" red shadow; although the glamorous cunning yet tender nature of hongling. Get outside the industry praise for its characters just refused when the vase, fresh and. Pay Yucheng 2006 for Hunan satellite TV "Super Girls" and debuted in 2014 because of its handsome temperament of refined and cultured actors of the road opened, and starred in his first TV series "interns", "hot deformation meter" and other works. In the "she" the man stood aside, Wan Nien and pay Yucheng will form a perfect CP film, provoke Yan value responsibility, give the audience out of the ordinary high quality viewing experience. It is reported that the film will comedy sister bestie group staged the "elegant" Qunjia, a word not just unique scenes of dress brawl, makes the film boot had caused a public expectation of sound. In addition, this boot field can be called a hero, actor friend returning, Dinglixiangzhu, fully embodies the Wan Nien and Fu Yucheng popularity, the scene is laughter, the crew of a harmonious. For the final film, and the color value and reliable actors acting, can think: "she’s a man" will be sidelined for next year’s film market adds masterpiece.   相关的主题文章: