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Beijing Jie: fire fly cliff wall shuttle mountains to fight the fire they can leave the original title: "go" secret "features a Beijing fire team orange flames rushed", this is most people first impression of firefighters. In fact, can let the firemen rushed forward without fear can not only. Heavy rain in the transfer of the masses, the search and rescue trapped among the mountains, under the rubble to find life, under the ice to find lost contact personnel…… These are the speciality of firemen. Beijing morning news reporter with you into the three teams of Beijing fire, look at the people around what are the characteristics of firefighters. File 1 Beijing fire rescue dog team special soldiers to fight "this is Taurus, Yan value is high, handsome. Bit, little guy, when I was weaned, I used a bottle to feed me……" Standing beside the kennel, Beijing fire rescue dog training class monitor Li Gang familiar to call each dog’s name, also can say that every story on their body. Comrade Li Gang is also a child from the 2006 search and rescue teams to join the team, has done 3 years before firefighters. When he was assigned to the Shenyang training, the first of his comrades "ante" into his life, "was a Antwerp years old, is a male Gao Bingel Do." Because don’t look "ferocity", Li Gang is not rare and even want to change his ante. With patience and Antwerp along, never go to the heart of comfort and discipline gradually and care, even Li Gang himself did not expect, Antwerp has become the most important partner in his life, until now no one can replace it". Then, the ante cleverness and excellent physical quality, search and rescue skills are called others sit up and take notice. Beijing’s major security tasks, the ruins of the site, the search and rescue of major fires are inseparable from its shadow. In 2008, Antwerp and 9 other buddy was assigned to the Wenchuan earthquake disaster area, high strength work 8 days and 9 nights. Li Gang said, the disaster area is around the rubble, rescue dogs paw were broken glass, steel cut bleeding. "Just like my child is injured, but I feel bad. At that time, the shortage of materials, there is water I thirst to drink it first." This is Li Gang and fought for more than ten hours every day inseparable died in 2013. "When I was with you in Shenyang training, comrades call ante die, my tears will not control." The return to the team, Li Gang set up a monument to a tree, Antwerp, every year I have to put the word description again on the tablet." When the key leading role at present Beijing fire rescue dog team Holland shepherd dog, German shepherd, Springer Spaniel and other 5 varieties, a total of 40 dogs. The working dog has 13, led by 13 trainers. Through the assessment of the search and rescue dogs will be implanted in the skin of a tiny chip, which contains the basic situation of the search and rescue dogs, the growth process, combat performance and other information. After the assessment is not a once and for all, after service every year to re examination. From December 2006 formally put on duty to prepare for the beginning of the search and rescue dog team responsible for the city’s 7相关的主题文章: