Former chief of staff of the Ji’nan military region, Zhang Ming sacked one year-下北glory days

Former Ji’nan military chief of staff Zhang Ming took office a year from the WeChat public, sacked the governor of Chang’an Avenue from the end of 2014 airborne Ji’nan military served as chief of staff, to 2016 on the eve of national NPC and CPPCC Lok Ma, Zhang Ming, deputy military region on the performance of their duties in the post, is fully prepared to more than a year. China NPC network today announced by the people’s Liberation Army, elected by the Twelfth National People’s Congress of Ji’nan military chief of staff Zhang Ming, due to serious violation of law, I resign from the twelfth session of the National People’s Congress office. June 6, 2016, the Ji’nan military region rehabilitation office election committee decided to accept his resignation. This is only a long time to pass the message has been confirmed. July 3rd, the Shandong Provincial People’s Congress Standing Committee issued a message, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the law on behalf of Yang Luyu, Zhang, Zhang Ming, the representative of the eligibility of the termination of the. And then push forward for 4 months, this year’s national two sessions, the people’s Liberation Army delegation, it has not seen the figure of Zhang Ming. At the beginning of this year changed the curtain, the original seven military Reggie or want to switch to the new five war zone, or transferred to the Central Military Commission of the organization department. Just took office a year Zhang Ming Ji’nan military chief of staff, did not appear in any of a new list. At that time he had sacked news. Recall the liberation of major military generals office position adjustment of a year ago, Zhang Ming or the media focus. Ji’nan military chief of staff and director of the Political Department of the two deputy military level positions both easily, then the strategic planning minister Zhang Ming Yiming will replace Ma military airborne Ji’nan, wearing the post of deputy military region level qualifications chapter. At that time Zhang Ming was seen as a military officer in his command in the bright younger generation, is a graduate of Nanjing Army Command College, received a master’s degree in military science, after attending the National Defense University division commander vocational classes, in a competitive environment to move steadily, first as the 38 army, and transported to the General Staff operations department the army and air force, strategic planning department. In 2006, he was awarded the rank of major general. He was elected as the Twelfth National People’s Congress in 2013. Eighteen closing soon, Zhang Ming in the "Liberation Army Daily published an article entitled" eight years of military exams, facing the dual "crucial article, pointed out that the rapid completion of mechanization and informationization is a continuous eight years test, the standard is" can fight, win the war, the examinee is every one of the officers and men. He said that the social transformation period, deepen the military reform crucial period of preparations for military struggle, the critical period of "three period" in parallel, derived from a series of major strategic relationship between national defense and army building to deal with: military revolution and social change intersection, mode of generating combat and military struggle to change intertwined, mechanized construction and informatization construction blend, the core military mission and non war military operations tasks overlap. This complex situation, the complex relationship, so that we face unprecedented opportunities, but also face unprecedented challenges. To promote the development of information technology led complex development of mechanization, the completion of the times given the task of tackling the double, is our bounden duty of history. Therefore, Zhang Ming as both grass-roots army experience, and positive thinking can fight, win the war generals. Seven相关的主题文章: