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Chinese fire vnd was included in the tourism tourists uncivilized record new network new network in October – in 9, according to the National Tourism Bureau website news in Vietnam, the National Tourism Bureau today released the "eleven" National Day holiday, the handling of complaints and typical cases, the recent investigation of the cultural and tourist guide, good examples. Among them, Heilongjiang tourists waiting Geshun tourism process in Vietnam, a bar in Da Nang City, Vietnam fire shield, for violation of local laws, by the Vietnamese police deported. After the review of the tourism uncivilized behavior record review committee, will be included in the song song tourism uncivilized behavior record. "Eleven" holiday tourism authorities across the country to regulate market order, guarantee the supply of tourism products, improve the quality of tourism service requirements, and earnestly safeguard the order of the tourism market, to enhance the quality of tourism services, to ensure that the majority of tourists happy travel, consumer confidence. Give full play to the supervisory role of the public, the use of 12301 National Tourism Service Hotline and complaint reporting platform to encourage all sectors of society to actively provide all kinds of illegal clues. At the same time, by looking for a good tourist around, a good tour guide, promote positive energy tourism. National Tourism Administration announced 2 good tourists, good guide example. Good tourist Chen Xiaoping. Shanghai tourists Chen Xiaoping during the National Day holidays offered to travel to Tibet, Tibet in Linzhi and encountered landslides accident caused serious road congestion, some tourists team emotion, do not listen to the tour guide and driver and local police to discourage requirements for pedestrian crosses the Chen Xiaoping plateau in response Tilibuzhi case, a guide to assist the travel agency informed for the timely supply of tourists; on the other hand, according to their own experience and knowledge to help the tourists walked over the pros and cons of rational analysis, the stability of the visitors emotions, to avoid the adverse consequences that may occur. Good tour guide Yang Li. Jiangsu tour guide Yang Li WeChat from the circle of friends that a China tourists in Thailand Phuket Island were injured in urgent need of Rh negative blood, she immediately and the injured tourists leader made contact, at their own expense to buy tickets for the injured tourists fly to Phuket, 450 ml of blood, and then back to Nanjing to accept the task of tour. Yang Li with their own practical action to carry out a "tourist oriented, sincere service" the core values of the tourism industry, tourism practitioners of the interpretation of the spirit. Her story in Thailand mainstream media after widespread praise. National Tourism Administration announced 2 cases of tourism uncivilized behavior. The first example: Tourist beating tour guide case. Beijing tourists Lu Shan in the course of the tour with the group, and the tour guide Moumou dispute, Lu Shan tour guides, and will come to discourage the Moumou bite. According to the People’s Republic of China Public Security Administration Punishment Law, the forty-third paragraph of the first paragraph, the Tengchong Municipal Public Security Bureau to give administrative detention for 3 days. According to the "National Tourism Administration on Interim Measures" tourism uncivilized behavior records management regulations second and article ninth, approved by the tourism uncivilized behavior record review committee, Lu Shan will be included in the tourism uncivilized behavior record, information preservation period from October 9, 2016 to October 8, 2018. Second cases: visitors violate local law. Heilongjiang visitors.相关的主题文章: