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Sichuan Gongga mountain glacier is nearly 20 meters per year back – Beijing Beijing in October 30 Hailuogou Xinhua (reporter Liu Zhongjun) in October 29 to 30, by the China Chengdu Institute of mountain hazards and environment, Sichuan Hailuogou Scenic Area Management Bureau hosted the "2016 Hailuogou International Forum held the first mountain" from the United States. India, Pakistan, Japan, Sultan, and Chinese of more than 60 experts and scholars on mountain tourism protection, environmental protection, forest glacier protection and sustainable development of the discussion and exchange of the face. Qin Dahe, academician of the Chinese Academy of Meteorological Sciences and the International Academy of Sciences of global change research site to answer questions. Liu Zhongjun. It is understood that the core area of Hailuogou is located in the Hengduan Mountains, the territory stretches numerous snow, pure snow. Gongga mountain elevation 7556 meters, known as the "king of Shushan", "Shangri-La top", as the main peak of Hengduan Mountains, around 45 buildings more than 6000 meters above sea level, more than 100 Bingfeng elevation 5000 meters above the snow capped mountains, is the distance from the nearest big city mountain complex in the world, is the world’s rare vertical climatic and plant diversity of vertical zone distribution area, mountain tourism resources are very rich. According to reports, the global mountain glaciers in 168331, mainly in Alaska, Canada, Greenland, northern and Central Asia, South Asia, Western and Eastern Andean southern and central Europe and other places, the glacier area of 726258.3 square kilometers. According to IPCC2013, the global average land and sea surface temperature increased by 0.85 (from 0.65 to 1.06) in the period from 1880 to 2012, and there was a general trend of retreat. Glacier retreat brings about a series of social economic and environmental problems (water resources, sea level, disaster, etc.). Under the background of global warming, the global glacier change has been paid close attention to by the scientists. The loss of glacier material has become an important factor affecting water resources." Chinese cold and Arid Regions Environmental and Engineering Research Institute researcher Liu Shiyin said in a speech, the effects of warming, sea level rise, the highest may reach 0.52 to 0.98 meters, the glacier accounted for 15 to 35%. Expert on-site questions. Liu Zhongjun photo "Gongga mountain area of west slope and East Glacier amount add up to 74, an area of 255.10 square kilometers, 4800 meters to 5200 meters altitude of snow line" Liu Shiyin said, Hailuogou glacier glacier type compound valley glaciers, monsoon marine general Wen Bingchuan, at an elevation of 2995 meters to 7514 meters in length, 13.1 kilometers, an area of 25.7 square kilometers in 3950 meters, speed: 171.35 meters in streamline years, accounting for nearly 60% of the annual glacial meltwater River flow. During the 43 years from 1966 to 2009, the glacier in Gongga mountain was in a state of retreat, and the total area of glacier decreased by an average of 11.3%, with an average annual area of less than 0.7 square kilometers. West Slope glacier from 41 to the reduction of 40, an area of less than 15 square kilometers, the rate of return is相关的主题文章: