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Transformation of the former SKE member Shibata Ami idol big training free anchor – Sohu Sohu Shibata Ami entertainment entertainment news (compiled Domino) idol group SKE48’s former member Shibata Ami, will determine the transition to become free as morning anchor, anchor wire to strive for the future. > > > > learn more on entertainment information, please enter the Sohu video channel drama in dance to steal the eye Shibata Ami has graduated from SKE48 at the end of 8, in the general election for two consecutive years in the selection team she quite popular, after graduation, Chaitian activities range from Nagoya to mobile Tokyo, Kobayashi Maya, Kaito Akico and other liberal anchor become younger, hope that the future can become the information program anchors or occupation baseball announcer. Shibata Ami said that his dream of being in the era of the SKE information announcer, and because of his love of baseball, brother is a college baseball players, if you also want to become an anchor to the scene as a baseball announcer on occupation. It is reported that Shibata Ami has begun training for anchor’s business, I hope the future can be widely welcomed by the audience professional anchor.相关的主题文章: