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Japan wants to provide economic aid to Japan, Philippines media: not necessarily do – Sohu news [observer network integration] Andouble and then to China to spread money. Chinese President Duthel Te will visit Japan from October 25th to 27, after a visit to China from October 18th to 21, Philippines. According to the Broadcasting British Corporation (BBC) quoted the Japanese media reported that from the Philippines diplomatic way news source said that Abe Shinzo will announce a "huge" assistance in meeting with Duthel Te: Japan will provide 5 billion yen to Philippines ($48 million) loan. Japanese media also said that the summit talks with Japanese Prime Minister Abe Shinzo, to Walter will illustrate the relations between China and the Philippines concern. The Japanese envoy in Philippines Ueno Atsushi 21, said at the press conference, Andouble would like to hear more about Duthel Te’s new foreign policy interpretation. In this year’s ASEAN summit meeting with Andouble, Walter BBC, Minister of trade and industry of Philippines Lopez 21, said that Manila is expected to get from the Chinese $24 billion worth of investments and loans. Reuters had reported that the minister is expected to be 20, with China signed a $13 billion 500 million agreement. Chinese officials did not disclose the specific amount of cooperation agreement with Philippines, but through the Ministry of foreign affairs website announced the signing of the 13 cooperation documents. It is worth mentioning that Duthel Te had previously expressed hope Chinese helping Philippines build the first high-speed railway, and the signing of cooperation documents between the two countries have "China national development and Reform Commission and the Philippines Department of transportation, public works and highway traffic infrastructure projects on the list of the memorandum of understanding". In August this year, just announced a $2 billion 400 million loan to help build the railway in Philippines, Japan’s eyes, which is probably a challenge. Duthel Te has just concluded a 4 day visit to China, during which he announced that he would leave the United States militarily and economically. 21, said the two sides agreed to maintain restraint on the issue of the South China Sea, and on a regular basis to discuss maritime issues on bilateral basis. Andouble will be "full support" Philippines’s new government Du Japan’s Kyodo News 23 reported that more than 22 stakeholders Philippines diplomatic sources, the Abe Shinzo plan in 25, and the first visit to Japan Duthel Te talks, proposed for Philippines to provide about 5 billion yen ($48 million) loan program to help the South of the country the Mindanao agricultural development. The island is home to Duthel Te. Abe’s assistance is to provide government development assistance to financial institutions in Mindanao (ODA), through the agricultural groups to support farmers to expand the scale and develop new business. One of the aims is to improve the productivity of agriculture and to prevent the deterioration of public order caused by poverty. Duthel Te has long served as the special city mayor of Davao in Mindanao, the largest. In June after the president took office still frequently return to Davao, have a passion for home. Andouble also said in the talks to continue to support the Mindanao Islamic armed forces and the government of Philippines to maintain peace, to strengthen assistance to Philippines by ODA to improve the infrastructure and patrol boats etc.. According to foreign ministry officials)相关的主题文章: