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Japanese media: the implementation of the first to reflect the new security law joint exercises original title: Japanese media reflect the new security law: implementation of the first joint exercise data figure: Japan local time on August 25th, the Japanese city of Gotemba East Fuji exercise field, Japan GSDF held the annual Fuji comprehensive fire drill. Figure for the Japanese self defense team airlanded demo. Beijing, November 7, according to Japanese media reports, the Japanese self defense forces and the U.S. military in the vicinity of Okinawa, the first implementation of the relevant security law to reflect the contents of the joint exercise 7. Exercise confirmed in the new situation, self defense forces in the U.S. aircraft crash after the rescue of the crew steps. Reported that the use of security law between Japan and the United States will be in full swing. Japanese media said the security law "to the rescue guard and other UN peacekeeping operations (PKO) in the field of training has been carried out, but the idea of unexpected events in support of the American exercises had not implemented. The exercise in the case of an armed conflict occurred overseas and has been an important impact on Japan as a precondition for the implementation of the island in the east of Okinawa island and the surrounding waters. Imagine the U.S. aircraft crashed on the high seas, rushed to the scene of the air self defense force large transport helicopter dropped lifeboat. The SDF and U.S. forces a total of 12 rescue workers have also jumped into the sea, the crew of the doll to simulate the lifeboat, and then transported to the original floating island. According to Japan’s defense ministry said that such exercises have been implemented in the context of the surrounding situation, but the situation is important to the impact of the situation, which is different. 9, Japan and the United States will also be implemented in a non public form of a larger scale exercises, its content is an important impact on the situation, the United States and Japan on the water rescue aircraft in the sea to provide assistance to a large number of injured. On the situation surrounding the sudden occurrence of Japan, the Japanese have had "surrounding situation law", but in the security law changed its name to the important impact of the law. In the past only geographical restrictions around Japan which was abolished, countries also extended to countries outside the u.s.. At the scene of the battle is currently outside the scene (battlefield), the SDF can also provide supplies and transport to other countries. The exercise was started in October 30th, called "sharp sword" part of the Japan us exercises. Armed self-defense forces about 25 thousand people and about 11 thousand American troops participating in the exercise. Editor: the flourishing SN123相关的主题文章: