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The Lebanese Christian parties assemblyman Michel Aoun was elected president on 31 October, Xinhua news agency, Beirut (reporter Li Liangyong) Lebanese National Assembly held 31 presidential elections, Christian parties "Free Patriotic Movement" founder, Senator Michel Aoun was elected president of ·. The same day, in addition to a few weeks before the resignation of members, the remaining 127 members of the Lebanese parliament to participate in the vote, more than the number of people needed to hold the presidential election vote. According to the Lebanese constitution, only in the presence of more than 2/3 members of Parliament to vote in the presidential election. Moreover, candidates need to get 2/3 votes to be elected, or need to hold a second round of voting in the second round of voting to win the majority of voters were elected. After two rounds of voting, he was elected the new president. Subsequently, he was sworn in parliament. Auen aged 81, served as the commander of the Lebanese armed forces provisional military government, prime minister. He fled to France in 1991 to 2005, and then returned to Lebanon to participate in parliamentary elections and was elected to parliament. The Lebanese constitution, the president of the Christian Malone faction served for a term of 6 years, shall not be re elected. Sleiman, former president of Lebanon in May 2014 after his departure, Lebanon’s main political factions in the presidential candidate on the issue of wrangling, leading to the 45 postponement of the presidential election of parliament. (end) editor: Liu Debin SN222相关的主题文章: