Vehicle reduction, the car lost the main network of Ji’nan Mid Autumn Festival car prices rose-hit5杨帆

Vehicles to reduce the loss of the main car network Ji’nan Mid Autumn Festival car prices rose – Mid Autumn Festival during the new year, many people find it harder to hit the car from Ji’nan. Because many owners of home for the holidays, online car platform to reduce vehicles, car "premium" can sometimes reach two times, which makes it difficult to accept passengers. At the same time, because the platform subsidies reduced, many owners pull out too not to earn money doing too boring, orders also drop a lot of enthusiasm. The industry is expected, with the Ji’nan network about car policy landing, the vast majority of owners or passive leave, premium thing or will be more frequent. However, economic experts said that for the network about the car platform, fight premium, price is not as good as the quality of service. Reporter Liu Feiyue called the net about taxi have to pay 10 yuan fee schedule "I called the car on the road in the garden this morning, usually up to ten seconds, the driver orders today, such a minute or no answer!" In September 15th, the public Ms. Lin often take the express car to reflect, the Mid Autumn Festival this two days feeling exceptionally difficult to take a taxi. Ms. Lin is more difficult to accept, it is difficult to see the car on the platform more, just a single platform actually showed a temporary increase. That increase is not only fast, including high-grade car, even the taxi will increase. Express fare increase of two times, the taxi had to add a $10 dispatch fee to call the car!" Ms. Lin received platform information, said too many passengers around, you can answer fewer drivers, passengers can choose to increase the scheduling fee as soon as possible. September 15th morning, the Qilu Evening News reporter dedicated to the network about the car platform to do a test. The starting point for the Licheng District Haiwei square, the destination for the Daming Hunan gate. The taxi drops will increase 8 yuan fee schedule, by express temporary increase of 2 times, at a cost of 20 yuan, Shenzhou car cost estimates for 60 yuan, 17 yuan (which is easy to recharge in cashback activities is equivalent to 11 yuan). Excellent step Ji’nan did not show a premium, but the cost of doing the adjustment, which increased from 0.3 yuan per minute from the usual $0.51 to $1.3 per kilometer raised to $3.06. As a result, the total cost is estimated at 20 to $28, an increase of about 1 times the usual estimated price. September 15th and 16 in the afternoon, the reporter made a test and found that the network about the car platform premium situation still exists, but the premium amount has declined. For example, the afternoon of 15, the amount of drops of fast trains to reduce the rate of up to 1.5 times, the morning of the 16, the taxi scheduling fee is no longer set a specific amount, the afternoon of 16, excellent step with the usual price difference is not big. Less subsidies blocked the driver to pick up a single to cancel to meet Ms. Lin during the Mid Autumn Festival and a taxi to increase, the morning of September 16th, net about car owner Mr. Wu told reporters, many net about car drivers are home for the holidays. Although it is difficult to estimate the specific figures, but the active owners must be less than usual, the public can not call the car is also normal. "I picked up two to go to the airport yesterday morning, one of the early booking, and the other is brought back, and then I put down the next one received the car. Earn.相关的主题文章: