Analysis of nearly two months since the State Reserve soybean auction transactions 音羽かなで

Nearly two months since the State Reserve soybean auction of sina fund exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! From the above data, the State Reserve beans from July 15th auction since the deal was "good situation of the state, the first flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum" turnover rate of 99.74% almost all transactions, turnover in the second batch of 3 billion 3 million 860 thousand tons, the auction amount increased to 600 thousand tons, while the turnover rate dropped to 57.34%, but the volume still reached 332039 tons, far from the number slightly higher than the first volume. The third batch of auction turnover rate continued at low levels, the State Reserve finished after two batches, the follow-up volume is always low. Now the network analysis are as follows: First: during August, either in shock weakening trend, August CBOT November soybean contract closed at 943 cents Pu Shier, the decline in 60 cents, which dragged down the overall commodity class confidence during the soybean market with plate down, August domestic soybean meal down 20-100 yuan ton, influence oil auction confidence. Secondly, during the July beans state reserve two batches of total turnover levels are acceptable, 93, sea and Heilongjiang press enterprises to participate in the auction, Heilongjiang and Inner Mongolia good individual crushers in raw materials can be added after resuming. By August the domestic terminal aquaculture in the slow recovery phase, most of the time, meal volume in the doldrums, adequate supply of soybeans in August August, the national total soybean crushing in about 7 million 360 thousand tons, up 7 million 180 thousand tons in July, soybean oil supply and demand side pressure, making the country the lack of willingness to bean storage. In addition, in August the overall consumption of soybean products is still in the off-season, limited soybean demand. And most of the national storage bean Chen, after a long period of preservation, protein content has been damaged, the food processing enterprises are more favored for high-quality beans, making the national market demand for the storage of Chen is relatively limited. And Hunan Hubei early maturing beans began to market, adding a gap in the local demand. Last week (September 2nd) the State Reserve soybean auction volume compared with August 26th turnover rate and transaction prices are rising, the demand in bean storage is slightly better, and in September 1st the University School, consumption of soy products out of the needs of the off-season, demand gradually pick up the. However, after mid September, and will begin the new northeast along the Huaihe River bean harvest, subsequent supply supply will be gradually improved, and in food processing enterprises to soybean purchasing enthusiasm is high, low price advantage in the Chen beans or unable to drive the growth in demand is expected, beans state reserve auction turnover will not have a big upgrade the future, with the end of the month listed in the main production areas of new beans, out of State Reserve soybean market can not suppress the purpose, duration of follow-up auction will not be too long. Total auction volume is expected to be 1 million 600 thousand tons, lower than expected 300-400 million tons. (the world granary) of agricultural products set up the purchase of the bulk of agricultural products 16988- electricity supplier trading platform [sugar, oil, corn, soybeans, wheat, cotton, soybean meal] free resources, procurement docking theory相关的主题文章: