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The controversy between Xinjiang and Prince of Xinjiang nut cake business – Sohu news recently, Xinjiang "Xinjiang nut cake Prince Adil – Mai Maiti spit heat and fire. At the end of October, he was accused of openly challenge Ma, Ali travel renamed "flying pig" caused concern. In the users such as "glass heart" in condemning, Dili final apology: name recommendations expressions. Less than a week after the beginning of November, he was again involved in controversy. With V users Bachu him a few months ago with micro-blog, because of its Xinjiang hat as a "special mission" suspected dili". This time, Adil anger and said, "can you black me, but please don’t provoke feelings of compatriots." The farce ended with a public apology for the doubters. Two years ago, he had just graduated from University, carrying homemade million pounds into the disaster victims with Xinjiang nut cake, called the prince Xinjiang nut cake. Since then, honor followed: CCTV2014 three person of the year award, moved Xinjiang ten people…… this 90 college students from Xinjiang also often become a subject, and harvest 210 thousand micro-blog fans, the chairman at the helm of the company and the shop. He is unusually active online, but his head was low, and between the virtual and the reality, he constantly revised his methodology and business.   "flying pig" with the hat at the end of October this year, Ali travel was renamed "flying pig", Dili publicly at micro-blog: I can uninstall, may all the Muslim friends will be unloaded because Muslims around the world are very taboo "flying pig". "First of all, as a minority of Xinjiang, we never eat anything about pigs." Dili bluntly, did not resist this software, but Ali thoughtlessly, without a word, Muslim friends will continue to use. Prince Adil – also called @ Xinjiang nut cake Ali founder Ma Yun, "I hope a lot of forward diffusion, I want to see the horse the teacher’s attitude on the matter." Now, many netizens accused Adil "heart of glass". Some netizens said, "the Koran" is also a diet taboo, "pig" the word itself does not require taboo. There are Muslim friends stand out, not Muslims think so, we think it can be no problem. After all, this is just a name, our teachings are binding on us, we don’t want to hold you." Dili puzzled, he did not resist the "flying pig", but some people in order to attack him. He deleted micro-blog. But the new public opinion storm how to end? He and his colleagues, including business partners, shareholders, executives are discussing until the next day at 3 in the morning. Dili want by way of video to explain this thing, but also afraid of saying the wrong thing, look wrong, misunderstood. Finally, I just wrote an article, and finally decided to try to avoid the idea of users who want to bias, the key words are removed, only the general statement to explain this thing." After the "flying pig" incident, Dili was pulled to a WeChat group, there are many professors and national staff group. "I go in, not to speak, they began to comfort me, Dili, we all know what you mean, but now online there was a misunderstanding, as you.相关的主题文章: