Zhenlong specialty XinDa sponsor IPO fraud was 5 years shichangjinru matlab 等高线�

Zhenlong specialty XinDa sponsor IPO fraud was 5 years shichangjinru XinDa sponsor was 5 years from entering the market, this year, a number of sponsors repeatedly in supervision of whirlpool previously assisted Zhenlong products withdrawn IPO application JINGWAH Times News (reporter Ao Xiaobo) although after fraud brought to light timely revocation of IPO, but the Zhenlong specialty and the sponsor still could not escape the punishment of the commission. Following the recent Commission on the vibration of the long specialty punishment, the company has not been able to sponsor the body back. SFC 7 evening announced the penalty notice, XinDa securities was fined no amount of up to 4 million 800 thousand, two sponsors not only received a fine of 300 thousand, has been 5 years of implementation shichangjinru. > > event XinDa securities shichangjinru in two by the sponsor supervision date of severe situation, the sponsors of the day also more and more difficult to mix, too, will be dragged into the whirlpool of fraud IPO. XinDa securities met a similar mishap. It is understood that Liaoning vibration specialty specialty Limited by Share Ltd (vibration specialty) from 2013 to 2015 to the Commission to declare 4 copies of the prospectus are false records. Zhenlong native financial fraud lasted from 2012 to 2015, the XinDa stock began to undertake the project from 2010, from before the listing counseling to recommend the listing for nearly 5 years, the issuer of the fraud cases completely unaware. Subsequently, the Commission on the vibration of specialty specialty special financial inspection, found abnormal situation, in June 10, 2015, vibration specialty initiative to withdraw the IPO application. However, the punishment has not been alleviated. Following the press conference last Friday, the Commission announced the vibration of the specialty of 600 thousand yuan penalty notice, this week, the sponsor and the sponsor of the person responsible for the penalty notice issued. The Commission decided to confiscate the XinDa securities business income of 1 million 600 thousand yuan, and impose a fine of 3 million 200 thousand yuan. In two, Li Wentao to find the source of the sponsor to give a warning, and were fined 300 thousand yuan, and take 5 years of securities shichangjinru measures, the penalty decision from the date of announcement, shall not engage in securities business or as a listed company directors, supervisors and senior management positions. > > the Commission withdrawn IPO does not affect the behavior orientation of the Commission said that although the securities XinDa to assist the issuer to withdraw the application for IPO, but does not affect the orientation of its behavior. As the sponsor and the person in charge directly responsible for the issuer’s financial fraud, should bear responsibility. The Commission stressed that the so-called sponsor, which is to ensure and recommend, the sponsor bears the responsibility of capital market, the occupation personal integrity and diligence and issuance is highly relevant. But after investigation showed that there are a number of illegal facts in securities XinDa sponsor Zhenlong specialty in the process. The XinDa’s securities sponsor repeatedly in regulation in addition to the whirlpool in Zhenlong specialty IPO fraud project, XinDa securities and two sponsors planted a big somersault, in May of this year, Beijing CREE will sponsor due to credit with lag, two insurance on behalf of XinDa stock exchange regulation was also. It is understood that the Beijing securities XinDa hired CREE as its 2015 non-public offering of stock?相关的主题文章: