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"Angry birds" worldwide nearly $350 million sequel has started Sohu entertainment "angry birds" at the global box office has exceeded $350 million at the box office of foreign well-known website movie box office exceeded $one hundred million in North American Sohu entertainment news (text Da Zi) produced by the SONY studios animated film "angry birds", at present the global box office nearly $350 million, more than $100 million in domestic box office in North america. In view of the success of the market return, game maker Rovio today officially launched the preparatory work for the sequel. Angry birds 2 is expected to call back the original class voice, if possible, the IP may also be made into a trilogy. Because of "angry birds" game in the global scope has great influence, the IP value is very high, so no matter what kind of animation movie box office, the risk is very low. And the final completion of the film and quality, can be regarded as the best outcome can be expected. "Angry birds" first joke a dense, adorable fill the entire screen, the carnival movie is definitely superior. The film tells the story of a group of colorful birds, had lived a quiet life, but after the invasion of the land of green pigs, everything has changed. Their eggs were swept away by the green pig, and the red bird, "fat red", led to the attack on the territory of the green pig. The film is basically in accordance with the inspirational routines, the climax of the story and Kung Fu Panda 3 almost exactly the same. "Angry birds" in the North American Film Critics there, but the box office proved all get both praise and blame. The sequel will still be produced by SONY’s SONY graphics company. But the film has not yet finalized the direction of the director and the story. The film will not come out until 2018.相关的主题文章: