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Yancheng, a car crashed into the river a couple teachers unfortunately drowned Modern Express News (reporter correspondent Pan Liang Jiang Zhenjun) recently, a unilateral accident occurred in the territory of Binhai County, Yancheng City, a car accidentally ran into a roadside River, the car after the sinking, two car occupants trapped, for failing to promptly rescued, the vehicle was salvaged when two people have drowned. Modern Express reporter learned that the deceased was a husband and wife, are taught in a rural primary school in Binhai County, a very good reputation in the local. The location of the incident is located nine kilometers S327 Binhai County bridge. According to witnesses, the evening of November 25th 8:30, KIA car Freddy car speed for a black car too fast, the results accidentally even with the car into the river, because of the cold weather outside, and deep river, vehicle sinking quickly, "but the two people inside the car did not come out of." After receiving the alarm, the police and fire department rushed to the scene of the coast, but the car has been flooded by the river, the police immediately transferred to the crane to lift the car ashore. "Open the door, the car of a man and a woman has no breath." 120 emergency personnel rushed to the immediate pressure on the rescue of the two and other rescue measures, but failed to rescue. Modern Express reporter learned from the video sent to friends to see, many police and firefighters involved in the rescue at the scene, a Suzhou photo black car has just been salvaged, emergency personnel will heart pressure of one of the men, can press after no response. "It is a pair of husband and wife, is Binhai Lin Huai central primary school teacher, 50 years old, the couple are not drinking." According to insiders, the incident location is a T-shaped intersection, more vehicles, accidents often occur, "a few days ago, a large truck also fell off the river here." Modern Express reporter learned that the man surnamed Liu, in the village primary school has been teaching for decades, the only daughter of a graduate student in the field. "Liu couple’s reputation has been very good, work diligently, the day is on the way back to school from the county accident." Familiar with Mr. Liu’s Mr. Wang said. At present, the specific circumstances of the local police have been involved in the investigation. Expansion of the video, with the original couple quarrel with her husband fell into the river neighbors anxious to lend a helping hand相关的主题文章: