The Shaanxi province and the advent of the highest drop 8 degrees and more moderate haze 巴雷特m82a1

The Shaanxi province and the advent of the highest drop 8 degrees and more moderate haze yesterday, the ancient city of sunny, many people have asked, the sun has haze? Weather experts said yesterday, Xi’an and other places haze. The alarm sounded to haze, the next 24 hours, Xi’an, Xianyang, Weinan, in some places there will be moderate haze. Tomorrow, rain coming, the average daily temperature highest drop 8 degrees celsius. The sun and the sun haze it! Yesterday, many people found that the sky is much clearer than the day before yesterday, then there is haze? "Eyes like a thin layer of things, but not very obvious, is the haze? How to distinguish between fog and haze?" Mr. Lin asked. According to the monitoring shows that Xi’an is still a haze yesterday. Provincial meteorological station chief forecaster Hou Jianzhong said in the morning, high relative humidity, afternoon temperatures, diurnal temperature increase, the afternoon sun is haze. One reason for the haze is that the weather system is relatively stable, static and stable weather, the wind is small, is not conducive to diffusion. How to distinguish between fog and haze? Meteorological experts explained that the fog is a natural phenomenon, is suspended in the atmosphere close to the ground a large number of micro droplets (or ice crystals) visible aggregates. The haze is mainly caused by human factors, from the dust in the air, sulfuric acid, nitric acid, hydrocarbons and other organic particles to atmospheric haze, blurred vision and resulting in visibility deterioration. The number of patients with respiratory tract caused by haze in Xi’an children’s Hospital, the reporter saw the children with each other, atomization line department, is overcrowded. "The boy had a sore throat and cough yesterday!" Parents Ms. Lee said. Side of the Qin said the child bronchitis. Provincial Meteorological Station 4, 16 00 points continue to release the haze yellow warning signal, is expected within the next 24 hours, Xi’an, Xianyang, parts of Weinan will be moderate haze, easy to form moderate air pollution. And defense guidelines, poor air quality, the public needs appropriate protection, the general population to reduce outdoor activities, children, the elderly and vulnerable groups to try to avoid going out. Tomorrow comes and the highest drop 8 C today in our province is still a haze, tomorrow with the cold season, is expected to disperse the haze. During the day, the province’s sunny and cloudy, the central and the south parts of fog or haze; tonight on the 6 day: the province cloudy day, most places have rain. The average daily temperature in Northern Shaanxi decreased 6-8 C, C 7, 4-6 decreased in Guanzhong; northern Yulin: cloudy to sunny, Yu Linnan, Yanan, in the rain cloudy, southern cloudy with small to moderate rain, heavy rain in Southern Health, Qinba mountain snow, the average daily temperature decreased in 6-8 C. The highest temperature today: Yulin 19 – Yanan 21 – 21 C, 23 C, Shaanxi, health and Shangluo 20 – Hanzhoung 18 – 22 C, 20 C, the minimum temperature: 0 degrees around the Northern Shaanxi, Guanzhong north 3 and 5 C, in southern Shangluo and 6 – 8 C, Hanzhoung and health: 8 – 10 C. Xi’an today has haze, 8 to 20 DEG C; tomorrow cloudy to rain, 9 to 14 DEG C; after the rain cloudy, 6 to 12 DEG C. Chief reporter Ji Na相关的主题文章: