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"Green OA" is a privilege car? Qinghai Channel – October 14 Xining Xinhua (Yang Yang) the night of September 30th, a license plate for the green OA**** white Land Rover car, in the West District of Xining City department store near the Qinghai crash escape, in a car crash after main stopped, the car driver was taken to the hospital for blood tests and wounded police, final result drunk driving and assaulting a police officer was arrested. Investigation by the public security organs, the driver of the car for the Huangzhong County CPPCC members Zhao, has been under criminal detention. At the same time, Huangzhong County CPPCC has revoked CPPCC member qualifications, 13 days, Huangzhong County Commission for Discipline Inspection to make expelled from the Party of the. Green OA license makes privilege car once again into the public view. Some people call the Qinghai channel news hotline, asking green O and green OA license is not a privilege car. This network interviewed the Qinghai Provincial Traffic Police Corps vehicle management detachment. As everyone knows, the "O" license is the public security special civilian license plate, began in the last century in 90s, because of its enjoy the road right of way and other special rights, some government departments and relevant units to use the brand "O", "O" brand car was caused by flooding, there are 27 provinces in the country have canceled the use of the license plate. "Green O" from Qinghai province public security special civilian license plate, since opening in 1995, but with the increase of the public security organs of the number of vehicles, the use of "green O" license plate number, the management is loose, and some "green O" license plate of the vehicle driver has the privilege of thinking, to a certain extent affected the image of the public security organs. Discontent among the masses. According to the Qinghai Provincial Public Security Bureau Traffic Police detachment vehicle management deputy commander Li Xiaoling introduction, August 13, 2010, the Qinghai provincial public security department and the relevant government units to stop the use of "green O" public security special civilian license plate, the "green O" license issued to the public, effectively solve the outstanding problems and when before using the "green O" of public security special civilian vehicle license plate management. Li Xiaoling said, the use of the accident vehicle license, "green OA" belongs to public security departments for internal use license plate, since the second half of 2010 has been open to the public, the license plate can be handled by social organizations and individuals to apply for up to now, the number of segments is nearing saturation. The accident vehicle license plate for individuals to handle, there is no case of a privileged car. (commissioning editor Zhang Zhiping and Yang Yang)相关的主题文章: