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The integration of transformation: Pathfinder estate central enterprises (original title: Integrated: the central rate of real estate restructuring Pathfinder reporter Wang Ying) the end of the golden age of Beijing reported that the real estate means the beginning of the next era. A real estate state-owned enterprises on twenty-first Century economic news reporter, said that for the central enterprises, the future development of state-owned enterprises, the basic can agree that an era has ended. The source analysis, the current real estate market is facing the problem of the scale of the development of the ceiling. By the land market supply constraints, the central enterprises, state-owned enterprises in the expansion, we must find a breakthrough in the next era. Twenty-first Century economic report reviews the development, investment, poly, Huarun first, COFCO and other enterprises. Central enterprises, state-owned enterprises to accelerate the expansion of the same time, but also to varying degrees to find the direction of transformation and innovation. Even some enterprises in the progressive to the real estate". Polarization represented by large scale expansion of the scale of the central enterprises increasingly clear, but for other small and medium enterprises, state-owned enterprises, the real estate is the main theme. Recently, poly and China both announced that the real estate business integration has made new progress, poly intends to follow the way of the transfer agreement acquisition of CATIC real estate (000043, shares) and its affiliated companies held a total of 10 real estate item company equity and 1 real estate projects in the construction engineering project, mainly distributed in Chengdu, Kunshan Nanchang, Jiujiang, Guiyang, Ganzhou, Yueyang, Huizhou, Xinjiang City, 9, the estimated value of the underlying assets total 2 billion 323 million yuan, the price paid in cash and. AVIC real estate in the field of real estate belonging to small and medium enterprises. Billion think tank statistics show that in the first 9 months of this year, the total sales of aviation real estate reached $17 billion 750 million, the industry ranked 68. And the acquisition of Poly Real Estate (energy-saving new poly Jasmine mansion) (600048 shares), already among the billions of camp, sales reached 157 billion 160 million yuan over the same period, the industry ranked fifth. Public data show that in 2016 Chinese real estate interim gross margin of only 15.75%, down 5 percentage points from the middle of 2015, net profit is still negative; the debt ratio is relatively high, mid 2016 net debt rate remained above 200%. Grams and Swiss research center analyst Fang Ling believes that the majority of transactions in the asset package is still facing the problem of the project, the future appreciation of space is limited. For the real estate, the choice of exit is a wise move. CATIC real estate is small and medium housing prices to real estate typical. The large central enterprises, state-owned enterprises are still accelerating the pace of expansion. Centaline research department statistics show that: in the first half of this year, to get the business focused on the central enterprises, state-owned enterprises. Among them, take the total ten billion housing prices totaled 16, a total of 319 billion 46 million, of which 9 for the central enterprises, state-owned enterprises, with the amount reached 174 billion 673 million, accounting for 54.6%. To China Jinmao as an example. At present, the main Chinese Jinmao layout of Beijing Shanghai, Shenzhen, Nanjing and other 13 key city, the total land reserves of more than 12 million square meters. The first half of the hot market, China Jinmao in.相关的主题文章: