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The new Guangxi tourism regulations in October to implement the newspaper group to travel to see there is no qualification nanguojinbao news (reporter Liu Shan) the afternoon of September 14th, Liuzhou city organized the city’s tourism enterprises to carry out the "Guangxi tourism Ordinance" training activities. According to the Autonomous Region Tourism Quality Supervision and management director Chen Yuanyue introduced the latest revision of my area tourism regulations (hereinafter referred to as the rules) will be formally implemented in October 1st this year, the new regulations on the tourism network, high risk tourism projects, tourism club were the norm. No qualification shall publish online tourism information in Liuzhou recently, many micro friends saw a number of WeChat by the city public a banking institution to push the information in my circle of friends, said the Bank launched the easy travel preferential line, the public through online registration and telephone registration form to participate in. Liuzhou Tourism Quality Supervision and management survey found that the banking institutions do not have the qualifications to operate a travel agency, the use of WeChat public number push travel information, alleged violation of the relevant provisions of the new regulations. Autonomous Region Tourism Quality Supervision and Management Institute Chen Yuanyue introduced, along with the Internet and mobile terminals are widely used in tourism business activities, some organizations and individuals that have not obtained a travel agency business license, issued illegal use of network tourism information, illegal travel agency business. According to the new regulations, through the network of travel agency business tour operators, travel agency business license shall be obtained in accordance with the law, and information on its website home page prominently open business license or business license information posted on the electronic link identifier, travel agency business license information and business address, contact. Liuzhou Tourism Quality Supervision and management of the responsible person, the city of a banking institution by public number push tourist route information, the survey is cooperating with a travel agency, but the banks did not push content license on public travel related business information. We have issued a warning to the bank and travel agencies, the next step will be the city’s online travel operators to regulate remediation." The person in charge said. High risk tourism projects clear regulatory responsibilities autonomous quality supervision and management of tourism director Chen Yuanyue said, at present, engaged in rafting, rock climbing, diving and other relating to the personal safety of high risk tourism projects a lot, and there is no clear regulatory responsibilities, the relevant departments have mutual prevarication, resulting in lack of supervision, prone to security risks. The upcoming implementation of the new regulations, clear the safety supervision of high-risk tourism projects. Among them, rock climbing, diving and other sports tourism, the sports department supervision; the use of passenger ropeway, large recreation facilities and other special equipment for tourism, the Department of quality and technical supervision supervision; for air travel by implement the business licensing for general aviation helicopters, gliders, passenger free air ball, passenger airships, civil aviation management supervision department; in navigable waters by boat, boats, rafts of water tourism, the traffic safety supervision by the maritime department. According to Chen Yuanyue introduction, the revised regulations provides that the people’s government at or above the county level is responsible for the safety of the work of the administrative region of tourism safety as a sudden event相关的主题文章: