Faye Wong you can say that I can’t sing well 小坂めぐる

Faye Wong: you can say that I can’t sing well, I can’t say I don’t have a good time. I don’t know the news of the 2 entertainment stars! One is the 60 anniversary of the birth of Leslie Cheung, one is after a lapse of four years, and finally to return to the concert of Faye Wong. Xiao Bian today to the entertainment circle, think Leslie Cheung and Faye Wong regarded as entertainment hypocritical utilitarian two unique in plain people. They all live the same as the adult child, go straight, sensitive like, like love and hate, as low-key and elegant, like otherworldly! The most important thing is: the same love to play mahjong! Leslie Cheung and Faye Wong love to play mahjong, is not new. Two people are very proud in front of the media have said the other is his defeated. Leslie Cheung in Taiwan famous host Zhang Xiaoyan interview, had also claimed Faye Wong playing mahjong is addictive, never admit those poor! Carina Lau said that she did not play mahjong behind Faye Wong, she turned a face of serious answer we "you say I am not singing I recognize, you said my mahjong is not good, does not recognize the dead! This is the highest realm of true love in mahjong. In addition to Leslie Cheung, Faye Wong love to play mahjong, there are a lot of stars in the circle of good mouth. As the edges were removed from the entertainment circle of people, love their favorite is the quintessence of China — playing mahjong! For example, our Hunan big brother — Wang Han is the mahjong world carry handle! Whether it is around the younger brothers or interviewed guests, all love playing mahjong with Wang Han Terrier to amuse the audience, and Wang Han himself is a mahjong in high spirits! He had also quipped: "every day" in playing mahjong, is my specialty. Look at my 72 changed Jolin is not the most powerful singing and dancing, but playing mahjong! The degree of love for mahjong is simply second Faye Wong. She and Show Luo, Stefanie Sun was known as the iron triangle table. In fact, not only the stars, ordinary people also like to rub mahjong (such as small series). Mahjong entertainment is one of the ways of leisure life. In the intense work, touch on a few, feel really high to fly ~ ~ in the fourth quarter of "I am a singer" in an all star game because of too much pressure, and the choice of private groups playing mahjong decompression. "If I was a singer" into "I am ma king", Hong Tao the teacher’s call may be days were ringing off the hook… ". Faye Wong: Hello, Hong Tao? Can you play mahjong in the background? I’m going to get ready for it. I’m going to fill the next one. Oh, that’s a good place for my sister Na Ying. Let’s play together. Jolin: Hello, Hong Tao? Stefanie Sun and I want to come together? What? The position of the complement is occupied by Faye Wong Na Ying? The two of us off chanting, anyway, mahjong on the line!" However, you think that mahjong is only decompression, then you to young to simple! The old driver told you, playing cards is not to win the house! In order to create a good cultural atmosphere to further tap the mahjong mahjong, cultural value, healthy and playing mahjong, Tencent · Hunan large network combined with platinum island is to build 2016 leisure sports contest: "wisdom when Lishou hunan". The contest to "Changsha mahjong" for the game, the city line heart相关的主题文章: