Xianning landslides damaged two houses in three pregnant women of child trapped rewrite攻略�

Xianning landslides damaged two houses in three pregnant women of child trapped in the Xianning landslide smashed two houses 28, 12 pm, Xianning City Tongshan County together through local cliff collapse accident sheep Town South Gate community old acetylith factory region, killing 6 people were trapped. After the disaster, Tongshan County Government attaches great importance to the principal leaders of the county, the first time the rate of Tong Yang Town, public security, fire protection, land, housing construction, urban management, health care and other related departments rushed to the scene to carry out rescue work. After the rescue efforts, trapped people were rescued, no deaths. The same day at 12 am, at lunch time, South Gate Community North Ridge Mountain sudden collapse, large boulders falling down the mountain smashed two houses, leading to a mother and son, 3 pregnant women and 6 people were trapped in, life is extremely dangerous. At the scene, police quickly organized police officers on the scene of the cordon, the tenants have not been evacuated for evacuation, transfer, Tong Yang town government staff quickly written text notification to district residents publicity and temporary measures to hedge risk. More than and 10 fire officers and soldiers were divided into 2 groups to start the rescue, a group of using a metal ladder of 9 meters to open a life-saving channel to rescue the trapped pregnant women; another group of using hydraulic scissors to rescue the rescue was crushed under the rocks. When the rescue, because they are trapped inside is very narrow, and the peripheral side wall is about to collapse, not far from the kitchen have been buried, the risk of leakage of liquefied gas tank explosion at any time and gas poisoning. See this scene, the fire fighters Wang Zelin risked his life to rescue the trapped child, he propped up near the collapsed wall using sticks, then use cut spread cut pressure in the little boy leg of wood, not stop appease trapped and distracted, after 15 minutes of intense rescue rescued buried the little boy. 1:40 or so, the joint efforts of the fire brigade and medical staff, 6 trapped people were rescued from the damaged houses rushed to the county people’s hospital. It is reported that, in consideration of the safety of the masses, hillside houses many residents have been evacuated from the scene, in order to ensure the transfer of the daily life of the residents, the county civil affairs departments will be in accordance with the 15 yuan day standard issued emergency life grants. At present, the relevant departments of Tongshan County government is further treatment of the accident.相关的主题文章: