Qiao Renliang’s serene as sleeping Joe Chen Zhao Liying tears collapse dnf商人吧

Qiao Renliang’s serene sleeping Joe Chen Zhao Liying as tears collapse Sina entertainment news on September 22nd, [micro-blog] Qiao Renliang memorial service was held in Shanghai, many entertainment friends are coming to attend the memorial service, is also a large number of fans came to hope to be able to send idol finally. Sina entertainment exclusive connection just attended a memorial service for the famous film CQS [micro-blog]. According to him, the scene to a lot of fans fans, when father Joe speech was very moving, Zhao Liying [micro-blog], Joe Chen [micro-blog], Jing Bairan [micro-blog] and a lot of stars in the field, a lot of people are difficult in themselves to cry. He also said that Qiao Renliang’s body is very perfect, "is still so handsome, as if to go to sleep peacefully." In order to attend Qiao Renliang’s memorial service, CQS yesterday specially came from Beijing, although some friends had also participated in the farewell ceremony, but he was shocked by the Qiao Renliang Memorial site. Today, fans are very many fans, how to have a three thousand or four thousand person, took a long time outside the team." He also said at the scene to see Vivian Wu [micro-blog], Zhao Liying,,,, micro-blog, etc.. Originally rumored because of grief, Qiao Renliang will not be present at the scene of the mother. "Father and mother are together, when the mother leaves behind the second." Cheng Qingsong revealed that many of the people in Joe’s father’s speech was difficult to cry, especially when he said, "we do not blame you, we will always love you", we cry into a. In the end he remains at the post, in the lounge to see Zhao Liying, Joe Chen and several other female artists were crying, and several good man born artist, "a few meters tall, also in tears." Not many artists are brought to the scene of the wreath, such as Qiao Renliang and Li Xiaolu worked [micro-blog], Yan Ni and so on. He also revealed that Qiao Renliang’s face looks perfect tranquility. "He was lying there so handsome and so perfect, as if asleep, can not see the death of the people, I can not believe he was gone, so that the Internet is a mess of those rumors." He said as a friend of ten years of Qiao Renliang’s death, he sad to not breathing, "as in all aspects of a shape, acting condition of excellent actor, he is only 28 years old, the cause is on the rise, really very sad." (Lu Jiuwen) (commissioning editor: Bai Ling)相关的主题文章: