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State Grid Haidong power supply company power grid operation risk management does not relax — Qinghai Channel – October 12th, State Grid Haidong power supply company personnel to the power supply service area of electrical equipment and lines, high-risk customers distribution equipment operation, main power supply and safety inspection, strengthen the power grid operation in winter the risk management and control, to ensure grid safety and reliability operation. Haidong, intensify the investigation and management of risks, found hidden timely rectification, early detection, early treatment, early prevention, security risk prevention and emergency measures in a timely manner the natural causes of accidents, ensure the safety of the autumn and winter maintenance and construction. The analysis of the current safety in production of all kinds of risks and dangers, formulate safety control measures, do patrol inspection, preventive measures in place, improve the power supply repair, repair service quality, prevent the emergence of large area blackout. According to the operation condition of the circuit under the recent cold weather equipment, switch equipment of heavy load line, again, low voltage distribution network to carry out inspection inspection, load test, temperature and ground resistance test, with all kinds of defects for endangering the safe operation of the equipment of power system, conscientiously carry out the side of the investigation and rectification work. All kinds of hidden dangers which are vulnerable to external forces, and so on, continue to take effective preventive measures to improve early warning capabilities. In addition, to strengthen the contact with the local meteorological department Haidong company, pay close attention to weather changes, according to the weather condition, increase the number of inspections was easy to form ice on the line of the lot, raise the level of risk control system. (Li Yongpeng) (commissioning editor Zhang Liping and Yang Yang)相关的主题文章: