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Bruce Lee film accused of preaching white supremacy fans denounced "personality murder" – Sohu culture channel reference news network October 8 news media said, the martial arts star Bruce Lee life in early America’s latest film "as the theme of the dragon" (Birth of the Dragon was born), by his fans criticized as "white supremacy and buried" his legend. According to Broadcasting British Corporation website reported on October 6th, Bruce Lee fans think their idol in this film is very weak. In the Internet Movie Database (IMDb), the signature of ticklegear users questioned the film "are you kidding? When I came to see Bruce Lee, they focused on the white man." "Bruce Lee in the film lacks a sense of security and envy, and it seems to be the murder of his personality, not his biography." "It’s a bad movie. I would not recommend it to anyone, because it is the real history of half-genuine and half-sham lies buried Bruce Lee." Other viewers who watched the preview criticized Bruce Lee’s Hongkong actor, Wu Yunlong, as too superficial and lacking in depth. The birth of "dragon" by George. (George? Nolfi) directed, described Bruce Lee’s early life in the United States and in 1964 he and Huang Zemin a controversial showdown. The show premiered at the Toronto Film Festival in canada. The fictional friend of Bruce Lee Steve in the role — a lot of comments dissatisfaction with the film? (Steve McKee) overwhelming Mcgee. A netizen said, the story is bad, more difficult to select the corner. How could the protagonist become a white partner?" Another netizen said that the film does not respect the legend of Bruce Lee, but the continuation of the Asian women and men and the prejudice of Asian culture." Reported that the recent emergence of Hollywood white supremacy controversy. In the Japanese manga adaptation of the movie "ghost in the shell" (Ghost in the Shell) by the American actor Scarlett? Johnson (Scarlett Johansson) plays the role of Asian grass? Sub, causing criticism. The birth of "dragon" director George?. on the Deadline website defended his work and said, "we see Bruce Lee and Huang Zemin as the white man’s father, though people of similar age, but in the influence of Bruce Lee and Huang Zemin, the white man became the real man. I think it’s very rare in Hollywood movies." Bruce Lee’s daughter (Shannon Lee) did not intervene or comment on the film, but announced that it was preparing for another piece of her father’s work. Shannon Lee said to the British newspaper, there are a lot of outside of my father’s production, but the lack of his philosophy and the full understanding of the arts, did not grasp his belief in martial arts or narrative. The only way for the audience to understand the uniqueness and depth of my dad’s work is to produce the work on him."相关的主题文章: