From the hometown boy lost 27 years of Hubei Chongqing tracing (video) 下北glory days

From the hometown boy lost 27 years of Hubei Chongqing tracing the Mid Autumn Festival, a reunion, family fun day. And this kind of happiness and good, for the current living in Hubei, the boys pay Jie, has lost 27 years. 27 years ago, young lost from his hometown, 27 years later, his home Volunteer Association began the search path through the baby. Volunteers, Jie Jie said he was about five or six years old, because his father was scolded and ran away from home, and then lost to Hubei. He vaguely remember that he is a man of Yunyang, hometown of rivers, citrus, also provides the dragon and nine pier slope the two names. In his memory, he is very likely to be volunteers of Chongqing and Yunyang opened area people, they also according to Fu Jie memories drew the azimuth map and 3D terrain map. Volunteers found Yunyang TV station, Yunyang station issued by mobile phone Fu Jie, tracing the news, and published detailed information and clues, quickly drew people’s attention. "You see, and my eldest son seems to be that he, his children still can not recognize it?" The uncle was watching mobile phone photo named Pu Changhuai, his home district Zhao Street opened Ning Ding, and Yunyang county at the junction of deer Zhen Zhong Shan cun. After careful search and inquiries, the final tracing range was determined in deer town area of Yunyang county. Yesterday, the deer town Publicity Committee Guo Yun through contact with many community leaders and residents of Yunyang County, found a man in the 27 years before the lost son, he is pregnant with puchang. He said, when the lost is his son, named Pu Chengfu, nickname Po cypress, lost time is only 7 years old. From the information provided by Jie Jie, such as place names, names, lost time and so on, both sides have a high degree of agreement. That may have found the lost son, the old Po yesterday evening excited one night did not sleep a wink, today morning arrived in Yunyang County deer Town People’s government. See Jie Jie photos from the first glance, Lao Pu think this is the lost son Pu Chengfu, excited to shed tears, 27 years, every day thinking about where this child went." When the son lost old Pu has not opened the knot. He also took a photo of the eldest son, and pay Jie photos were compared, the similarity is also very high. So, Pu Changhuai will not really pay Jie’s biological father? At present, Yunyang County Public Security Bureau police station police Pu Changhuai blood samples were collected, will be sent to the Hubei provincial public security department for paternity testing, about half a month after the results will be. We hope this will be a happy ending, to the satisfaction of all. (Yunyang Chen Xiaoya) editor’s note: this has nothing to do with the video content for the extended reading Chongqing: three year old boy lost a few days to help police tracing相关的主题文章: