Henan’s ten most beautiful contemporary announced the construction of 27 memorial tower yanyaqunfang 特命战队go busters

Henan’s ten most beautiful contemporary announced the construction of 27 memorial tower yanyaqunfang (Figure) – Beijing, to commemorate the 27 strike, built in 1971 27 to commemorate the Zhengzhou tower with its irreplaceable historical value and social value in the contemporary Henan the most beautiful building "list, it is also a landmark building in Zhengzhou city. Han Zhangyun, Zhengzhou, October (Xinhua) (25), in Henan Province, the housing and Urban Construction Department announced to the community to find the most beautiful contemporary architecture of the Henan Award project. Among them, Zhengzhou 27 tower, core buildings, Zheng Dong New District CBD Anyang Chinese text Museum, opened on the Qingming River Park building ten projects won the first prize, and another 115 projects won the two prize, award nomination and network award. On the same day, the Henan Provincial Department of housing and urban construction Pei Zhiyang announced the "Henan contemporary most beautiful building, first prize (landmark)" list. In the award-winning buildings, for commemorating the 27 strike has become the hearts of the people of Zhengzhou 27 historical monument monument in the first row, to show its irreplaceable historical value and social value. In addition, a concentrated display of achievements of the construction of Zheng Dong New District CBD core buildings, "zero distance" transfer of the Xinzheng airport terminal T2, the cohesion of broad and profound culture of Central Plains and the characteristics of the times of Henan Museum and Zhengzhou green Petronas Twin Towers, Zhengzhou high speed rail station, Central Plains Fortaleza, Luoyang Museum (New Museum), Anyang Museum and Kaifeng Qingming China text the river park also won the first prize. To obtain the "Henan contemporary the most beautiful building" the first prize of the Zheng Dong New District CBD thousand Yuxi square night. Han Zhangyun photo "with China’s urbanization and the emergence of hitherto unknown city construction climax, and the influx of western architectural buildings, some corruption, chasing the high, Mei Yang, and strange, regardless of conditions, contrary to the objective, the principle and structure of scientific construction in violation of the excessive pursuit of" visual effects "and" strange "building gradually more up." Reviews the current unhealthy trends in the architectural design, construction and other aspects of the post, Pei Zhiyang said, this contest aims to establish the public cultural self-confidence, national self-confidence and confidence building, carry forward the spirit of traditional architectural culture. Reporters learned that, looking for the most beautiful contemporary architecture in Henan campaign started in June 1st this year, to the end of early October. A total of more than 3200 copies of the solicitation, the masses vote of about 20000000 votes, and after several experts to discuss the argument, the media network publicity, and ultimately selected the results of today. "The selection of the main public buildings, but also in line with the" applicable, economic, green, beautiful "approach. Candidates should be able to highlight the construction of the Central Plains culture and regional characteristics, and the construction procedures are complete, there is no quality and safety issues and larger mass disputes, in line with the public aesthetic." Chen Huaping, deputy director of Henan Provincial Department of housing and urban construction, the selection of "only one", in order to make outstanding building become immortal monument city to witness the thousand years of wind and rain. Pei Zhiyang also said that in the future, Henan will continue to carry out livable community construction review, the most beautiful rural construction and other activities. Encourage construction practitioners to rely on now相关的主题文章: