The trump card with ACE set diary Andy Lau hard sell adorable handsome (video) 1926年属相�

The "trump card" with ACE set diary Andy Lau hard sell adorable handsome "trump card" with ACE set diary Andy Lau child is miserable embarrassment all Tencent entertainment directed by Jing Wong Andy Lau, starring Huang Xiaoming, Wong Cho Lam, Hu Ran, Ouyang, Nana, Xie Yilin, Wu Yue, Petrina Fung, Junjie Mao, starring Xu Dongdong, Zhao Yingjun, Shen Teng. Qi Wei special movie "trump card" with ACE upcoming October 1st National release. Today coincides with the birthday of Andy Lau, the film side released a "Andy Lau studio diary" featurette. Video camera equipped with Andy Lau telescope handsome. Did not expect the style of a turn, Hua brother geese with backward type sitting on the ground. The action scenes are personal battle, so dedicated attitude let users call "". Andy Lau done meat sandwiches fancy abuse "pain and happiness" movie "funny" tells the story of the ACE ACE embarrassed treasure (Andy Lau ornaments): ye Luo Jia Hao (Huang Xiaoming) together, in the dream of A (Wong Cho Lam), Luo Jiaxin (Ouyang Nana ornaments) under the help of the people and the world terrorist organization to snatch the seed of God "Indiana adventure story save the world. Recently, the film side released a "Andy Lau studio diary" featurette. In the video, Andy Lau a second handsome out of the sky, playing pajamas style from the floor room dodge crossing, the next second will head into the glass window, embarrassment out too horrible to look at. After it is surrounded on all fours to face deformation, can not help but sigh: God can rely on the face clearly, just rely on talent. In the film Andy Lau frequently abused. In this regard, Andy Lau said, this is a film of the "miserable" he recently filmed the movie: "in the past, I was the most handsome Kung Fu, the best that this is abused, I was a foreign man severely hit him, Huang Xiaoming hit me, I have three then become one meat sandwich. The worst thing is, I’m the one below!" However, in the "abuse" behind, but Andy Lau for shooting success into joy, "joked that although abuse but fun, pain and happiness"! Andy Lau was named "the circle of powder ace" Zhang Jike poem "bold confession" idol while filming, Andy Lau set for everything is all about. For this, Huang Xiaoming impressed: "he is starring in acting when will teach me a lot. This dedication is that each of us should seriously study." As a fan of Andy Lau, the trump card to play the game, finally round the dream of the idol and Huang Xiaoming want to cooperate! In the face of years of idol, Huang Xiaoming revealed his childhood fan Andy Lau, even the girls gave him a stack of love are stamped on Andy Lau sticker, home also has been collection of Andy Lau tapes. In addition to the play’s good partner Huang Xiaoming, Andy Lau also harvested a sports fans. Premiere in Beijing conference, the Olympic champion Zhang Jike is not only a video link, more composed a poem: "ace are king, the king of the young actor." Between the lines the expression of Andy Lau’s favorite idol, attracted netizens have commented: "the Tibetan mastiff, turned many brother" "theory of poetry only served in our department". A play has harvested so many fans, Andy Lau said with a smile: "in fact, I am also Zhang Jike’s powder.相关的主题文章: