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6 year old woman was hit with the blood drop altitude radio (Figure) original title: hit his blood sixty granny late on November 12th at 8:30 pm, 64 year old Wang Yudou went downstairs to take complete courier to help her daughter, just turned to leave, suddenly felt the head is what hit, suddenly head and face full of blood. Side of the courier with a mobile phone to illuminate, only to find them about 4 meters away from the ground lying on the back of a black walkie talkie missing. To express a twist was radio hit Ms. sun and a mother in mine road Haijing impression city B District No. 5 Building 1 unit, November 12th night at 8:30, she received the courier call downstairs to take the parcel, watching the children’s mother went downstairs with her please, after her husband went to the car downstairs to get something. But a few minutes later, she received a phone call from her husband, said his mother was injured. "I saw my mother sitting on the ground with blood on her head and face. Courier said it was suddenly fell down a walkie talkie, hit her." Ms. sun quickly let her husband sent her mother to the hospital for treatment, he took the child in the area to find the owner of the walkie talkie and reported to the police. Yesterday afternoon, the China Daily reporter saw Wang Yudou elderly, she was lying on the sofa, wearing elastic mesh cap, medical records show: November 12th 21 Xi’an North Central Hospital, half an hour before the patient head was injured by falling objects, headache and dizziness, with external bleeding wounds. Head and face covered with blood, the head can be seen 2 cm laceration wounds, deep and subcutaneous. The primary diagnosis was traumatic brain injury. Wang Yudou recalls, when she take express station in 2 unit downstairs, just to express his, do not know what hit, or courier found arch-criminal — a black walkie talkie on the ground. Though it’s been a few days, she still feels dizzy. See someone close the window to ask the 36 year old Jingdong courier Xiao Pang just witnessed the whole process. Yesterday, he told the China Daily reporter, when the old lady from his less than half a meter away, two people standing side by side. The old lady after taking the express after preparing to leave when suddenly squatted on the ground to hold the head groaned, "my head smashed". Xiao Pang startled, quickly opened the mobile phone light, only to see the old man was sweating blood. I use a cell phone to follow and found her 4 meters away from the ground there is a lack of walkie talkie rear cover, in addition, there is no other things. I immediately looked up and saw one of the upstairs windows are closed, about six or seven. I look at the old man’s son-in-law came and took the walkie talkie on the six floor to ask, the first second households did not open, said not to throw things, I went downstairs. The man then went downstairs to see the situation." 3 pm yesterday, the China Daily reporter came to the incident downstairs, the building has 11 floors, two units, 2 on each floor. Wang Yudou old man was down from the 1 units, came downstairs to take delivery of the 2 units. Family speculated that the walkie talkie should be dropped from the 2 unit. After the incident, Ms. sun went to the 6 floor, but no one in, or that there is no intercom home. The walkie talkie has no antenna, the screws are rusty, the label on the back shows the purchase in 2009. Ms. Sun said 2相关的主题文章: