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Real-Estate Are you a beginner when it comes to real estate investing ? Dont worry because there is a method of investing in real estate that is right for you. It is called wholesaling houses. Wholesaling basically refers to the process of placing a proper under contract and then finding an end buyer for that contract. The main reason why this type of real estate investing is said to be mostly suited for a beginner like you is that it involves no huge risks. In addition, you can invest in real estate without having the need to obtain a large investment capital. You might be wondering how you can generate an income without spending huge money up front. The answer is fairly simple. When wholesaling houses, a real estate investor serves as a middleman between a motivated home seller and a buyer. Because he doesnt need to buy the property that hes going to wholesale, he wont need a large sum of money or to qualify for a loan. To make money in this business, the wholesaler will assign or sell the contract to a buyer. Of course, it is the home seller who will get the biggest chunk of the profit once the property has been sold but a wholesaler can pocket a sizable income through the assignment fee he collects from the buyer. An assignment fee usually costs between $5,000 and $15,000. Sometimes, the figure may go as low as $3,000 or as high as $20,000. The secret to making huge profits in this method of investing in real estate is to find multiple properties to wholesale at a single given time. For instance, if you are able to close five deals worth $5,000 each in a month, you can earn $25,000 for your effort. And if you were able to maintain such a streak for a year, you can rake in at least $300,000. If you want to make tons of cash in this business, you have to wholesale as many houses as you can. To do this, you should find scores of motivated home sellers and profitable properties so you wont run out of real estate investments to wholesale. Having a strong list of buyers is also a must because it allows you to move properties easily. If you want to learn more tips on wholesaling houses , as well as buying, selling, and managing real estate investments, you can go to . About the Author: 相关的主题文章: