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Insurance Whether you tend to teach yoga methods that are geared more toward fitness or more toward rest and relaxation, it is important to secure solid yoga instructor insurance before embarking on your career. Putting a yoga instructor insurance policy in place is a sound business strategy and part of the foundation for a successful career. For those yoga instructors who teach forms of yoga that may seem to carry a bit more risk, the reasoning behind enrolling in a yoga instructor insurance program is probably easy to follow. For example, if you happen to teach a form of hot yoga, where the poses are practiced in a sauna like setting, then you may be well aware that the extreme temperatures can, in some cases, lead to sick students. Even though trained hot yoga teachers are typically careful about instructing their students on the proper steps to take to avoid injury or illness, sometimes students may forget to take these precautions, and sometimes accidents simply happenno matter what type of yoga you teach. If a student in one of your classes does become ill or injured, he or she may file a claim against you as the professional yoga instructor. In such a scenario, your yoga instructor insurance would provide the protection you need to see your way through the legal process. Examples such as the one outlined above usually involve the malpractice or professional liability portion of your yoga instructor liability insurance. This part of your yoga instructor insurance policy is there to provide coverage in case a student files a claim against you for damage or injury due to what that student perceives as a lack of skill or competence on your part as the professional yoga instructor. Even if you teach a form a restorative yoga, where students spend most of the class simply resting on the floor, it is still a smart business move to secure a yoga instructor insurance policy. Thats because yoga instructor insurance also offers other key forms of coverage, such as general liability insurance. Sometimes called slip and fall insurance, the general liability component of yoga insurance is there to offer protection in case a client slips, trips, falls or otherwise has an accident on the property of your yoga studio or in your yoga class. Of course, not every student would decide to sue if he or she suffered a fall on your property, and not every accident results in a significant injury. However, the fact of the matter is that it is entirely possible that one of your students may one day have an accident in your yoga class or on your property that does result in a fairly significant issue, such as a broken ankle or even a head injury. If this student decided to file a claim against you for the damages, the general liability portion of your yoga teacher insurance would be the safety net you need. Hopefully, it is now clear to you why it is important for professional yoga teachers to carry yoga instructor insurance. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: