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Software The pain of not getting important work done is much greater than for other work. Important work that must be done includes: safety, compliance, meeting project deadlines, implementing changes and strategic imperatives, developing new products, and other tasks where your credibility will suffer. In today’s workplaces, most people are overwhelmed, so they do as much work as they can. The problem is that all work doesn’t make an equal contribution to results. Important work usually requires specific, timely, coordinated contributions from many people. Using current management methods, you cannot be certain that important tasks will be done. Often a contributor cannot see that one of their simple tasks is critical to an important larger task. It is like having the final piece to a jigsaw and not knowing that everyone else is looking for it. Investigations often show that a major reason important work fails to be done properly is that one or more relatively small tasks were not done, because there was no process in place to ensure that the work was done. TASKey has developed and validated a simple, easy to apply method to get all important work done. Web software is used to keep track of and provide assurance that all actions/ToDo’s that contribute to all important work have been done. The unique feature of TASKey TEAM web software (and the lite version called Me2Team) is that it provides a comprehensive personalized ToDo list for every user, so contributions to all important work are not lost or forgotten. By simply ticking off ToDo’s as complete, real-time progress reporting and relevant feedback is provided to all stakeholders involved in the important work. But most importantly, all important work can be successfully completed on time, within cost and in accordance with agreed scope. To get your important work done visit and to get important work done across an enterprise visit About the Author: TASKey provides project management methods and web project management software to get projects done. Our web software makes it easy for everyone doing a project to work together to get the information they need to make the project a success. TASKey provides the most affordable, most flexible and most powerful web project management software available. Article Published On: 相关的主题文章: