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Business If you are considering starting your own home based business by joining an affiliate program, be sure and do your research first. I personally would recommend Multiple Streams of Internet Income by bestselling author Robert G. Allen. It was in this book that I learned that I was holding an AMAZING tool to rack in thousands of dollars. I felt quite stupid actually, because nearly every internet marketer I had talked to seemed shocked that I hadn’t known what the real purpose of this tool was. The tool was a list of subscribers. An opt-in list. I had numerous newsletters that were broadcasted to my list every several days. I knew that this was to build trust with my list, and it was my hope that a select few would sign up for their own home based business under me through the advertisement at the top of every newsletter. Don’t get me wrong, that hope is still there and it is an effective way to refer people to ANY business, but building trust and placing a small advertisement about your business is only a SMALL PIECE of the benefits your can reap from having an opt-in list. There is another great method to both make you money AND build trust with your list. This is to advertise some sort of information, presentation, or anything that will benefit your subscribers. Don’t do this right away however. You must first set up a list of tips, or advice, or articles or reports or SOMETHING to broadcast to your list of subscribers. Something that is free, and something that is beneficial to them (Many online businesses will PROVIDE that list of tips FOR you.) Once you start broadcasting your newsletters to your list, wait a few weeks (preferably a month), before you start advertising to them. When it finally comes time to advertise something, here are a few tips: Keep the sales letter as short as possible, while making it as enticing as possible. (It should be short so it is easy to read, and should have your list PUMPED to buy the product.) Send a follow-up email promotion to the same list (statistics show that this WILL increase your sales by 50%) Don’t BS. People like (and trust) honesty. Tell you’re list straightaway that it will cost money. (But also add how darned much it will benefit them!) Don’t give the impression that if they don’t buy your product they will never be successful. Instead, leave them with the impression that they CAN do extremely well without it, but they will do BETTER with it. The only downside to this type of advertising is that you must have a fair sized list of subscribers in order to even hope to make a sale. (If you have a list of 3000 or more then you are doing fairly well.) Building a list is one of the biggest challenges that many online marketers will face. But the benefits of having one are incredible. Think of your list as your own personal ATM. All you have to do is send out a simple email and wait for the cash to roll in. And you can do this as often as you like. Your Business is what YOU make it. Brandon Waite About the Author: 相关的主题文章: