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Business Real estate is on the rise in South Africa and whether it’s Somerset West properties or Centurion property that you are interested in, owning your own property is essential. Everybody wants a slice of the real estate pie, and whether you are buying, selling or even just renting, locally, nationally or even internationally, real estate is a worthwhile investment. Real estate prices are currently at an all time low, but nobody is sure how long this will last. The economy is starting to recover internationally, yet no improvements have been seen in South Africa. While this is not a good thing for South Africa’s economy, it is excellent for those people wishing to purchase real estate as there are a number of repossessed houses that are being auctioned off at very reasonable prices. Sellers also have no option but to take large cuts on their requested real estate prices as they urgently need to sell their property. There is the benefit of financial security of owning your own home, as well as the advantage of not having to refer to a landlord when things go wrong or when you want to change something. If you are selling property it is possible to make a decent profit from the sale. Every way you look at it, real estate makes for an excellent investment. Centurion is considered a property hotspot due to its central location, luxury estates, and established schools. For this reason, real estate prices in this area are quite high. If you are interested in purchasing a Centurion property then now, while the markets are low, is the time to do so. Are you nearing retirement but fear boredom, or do you want a complete career change? The Stellenbosch Wine Route is infamous for its fine wines that have won international awards, and you may wish to try your hand at viticulture. The charming town of Stellenbosch itself is an academic town and the perfect place to either continue your studies or retire in peace. Stellenbosch properties are often magnificent historical buildings of traditional Cape architecture, with wooden floors, high ceilings and large, luscious gardens. To reside in one of these fabulous examples of history or in a modern apartment in this quaint town is something that many people can only dream of. Strand receives the warmer waters of the Indian Ocean and the gentle waves of the False Bay coast lap at the soft, sandy beach. With its many beachside cafes and restaurants, gentle ocean currents, and excellent fishing spots, Strand is the perfect place for a day at the beach. Imagine waking up every morning and running across the road to swim in the warm ocean waters. There are also a number of organised activities in the town, and the Hottentots Holland Mountains nearby which can be explored or just admired from afar. For these reasons Strand property is usually in great demand. If you are looking to purchase then do so now, or if you are thinking of selling hold on to your property a while longer as the price or real estate is set to soar again soon. Close to Strand and just a 20-minute drive from Cape Town’s airport is Somerset West. To reside in this area would be like staying in the country, but with the benefits of being conveniently close to the city centre should you need to go there. Although this area has grown in the last few years, it nevertheless retains its countryside charm. With a number of businesses and good schools in this area, you can rest assured that relocating your family will not disadvantage their education or work opportunities. Surrounded by mountains and vineyards, this town retains many of the original buildings as well as offers a number of modern ones. Somerset West properties are similar to Stellenbosch properties as they are both part of the Winelands and were established at a similar time. Whether you are interested in buying or selling you must take a good look at the current market value of real estate, and the projected market value. You don’t want to miss out on purchasing that excellent piece of real estate while prices are low because the economy will soon turn and prices will soar. Likewise, you don’t want to sell a fabulous piece of property for half of its current market value, as you could sell it for double or even triple its current price in just a few months. Centurion property gets snapped up quickly, but Stellenbosch properties on wine estate may take considerably longer to sell. Either which way, owning a piece of real estate is a worthwhile investment. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: