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UnCategorized It is the year 1980. It is late at night. You hear a ring. You answer: "Hello?" The voice on the other end asks "is your refrigerator running?" You answer truthfully, "Yes." The voice on the other ends says "then maybe you should go catch it!" Now that’s funny. If you are old enough to have heard this punch line, you probably remember the good old classic prank call from over three decades ago. Maybe you even tried one or two yourself. The phenomenon of pranks by telephone has largely been extinguished thanks to an invention called caller ID. Somehow knowing that your information is available to the person on the other end puts a damper on pranks. While many cannot remember this, your grandmother will be able to attest to the fact that there was a time when people answered their line without knowing who was on the other end, a risky prospective to be sure. This may seem like an antiquated concept, yet many businesses still remain in the dark ages with regards to their data management (or lack thereof) of incoming calls. Here is a test to see if your business is capitalizing on the plethora of information made available to them thanks to modern calling technology. 1. Can your business tell you their top five lead producing sources of advertising? 2. Does your business track demographic information for incoming sales calls? 3. Does your business record sales calls? 4. Is your business able to routinely send follow up information to individuals who called but did not end up purchasing your service or project? Are you able to produce monthly reports that detail how many leads were generated, and which advertising sources produced the leads? Can you also give demographic information about respondents including the top three zip codes that your potential clients responded from? If you answered no to any of these questions, you may want to consider bringing your business up to speed by implementing a phone call tracking system. A phone call tracking systems can take your marketing efforts to the next level by ensuring that you capture valuable information from each call that comes in. By storing information about the people that respond to your advertising, you can generate reports that will help you understand more about your market base. You can track zip codes and numbers of people who respond to your ads. You can see how many sales are generated from each source of advertising. And the list goes on. If you are ready to take advantage of today’s current technology, it is time to implement a phone call tracking system today. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: