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Beauty What Causes Stretch Marks? Stretch Marks are caused when the elastic and collagen are over stressed, resulting in small tears in the form of stretch marks. The striae or what we called Stretch Marks are actually made up of scar tissues that result when the skin’s ability to expand is exceeded. It usually occurs from pregnancy, loss of weight, body building, weight lifting as well as puberty. Stretch Marks may vary in their appearance shown to be like reddish or purplish coloration and appear slightly indented into the skin, perceptibly different in texture. However they fade with age and turn into silver color. Stretch Mark removal can be known to be very effective with eminence stretch mark creams. Stretch marks are known for skin problem that causes by considerable distress to those that have them and can be removed with a natural skin care treatment, stretch mark cream, laser treatment or stretch mark surgery. If you’re looking for stretch marks treatment to heal stretch marks, it is necessary for you to know that the layer of the skin that needs to be treated actually has three layers, the epidermis, which is the top layer, the dermis or middle layer and the subcutaneous stratum, which is the inner layer. Besides tummy tucks, there is no treatment for stretch marks that has the ability to completely remove them. Any manufacturer claiming that their product can do this should not be trusted. With this fact in mind, consider what you are looking for in a stretch mark cream personally and look for those features. To help you make the best choice, we have provided an easy comparison review of the three most popular creams. Dermology Stretch Mark Prevention Cream is latest skin care products that get some real attention for the prevention of stretch marks caused by pregnancy. Dermology has its all natural ingredients that are proven safe to use without fatty or smelly residue. Instead of treating existing stretch marks like Revitol, Dermology is mainly used as a preventative treatment at the early stages of pregnancy. Dermology can be considered as one of best offers around and extremely optional for those looking to prevent stretch marks. Trilastin-SR Cream is a skin care product that has an advance formula promises to reduce the appearance of stretch marks bring about of pregnancy, growth spurts, body building and loss of weight. Trilastin-SR is still an effective cream although it was rank on the second level of stretch mark cream reviews but most of the customers are claimed satisfied for this product. It is proven to be safe and effective with very positive reviews from its customers. This cream has a significant feature such as Hypoallergenic, non greasy and unscented formula. It takes a little as three weeks before you notice the visible reduction in the appearance of deep furrows and discoloration. Revitol Stretch Mark is a widely popular brand. It has been featured in all the major media outlets and has shown to quickly eliminate stretch marks. Because Revitol uses all-natural ingredients, it is completely safe to use during pregnancy. We’ve found this to be a great benefit as most customers searching for Stretch Mark Prevention are looking to prevent their formation during pregnancy. Revitol is the top choice for preventing stretch marks during pregnancy. Revitol has received superb customer feedback. Over 90% people have noticed remarkable changes in 2 weeks of regular use. Revitol is an excellent choice because of following benefits: In a market full of stretch mark creams that fail to live up expectations, Revitol has proven its aptitude to repair stretch marks and damaged skin, back to its young looking and healthy appearance. Revitol is rated near the top of the list of stretch mark creams available in the market because of its proven benefits in revitalizing and Rejuvenating the skin for youthful appearance, increases elasticity and strength of the skin, treats existing stretch marks and prevents new ones before they happen. Results are guaranteed or your money back. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: