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Real-Estate No money down real estate investing is a concept that has been around forever. Investing in real estate with no money down is straight forward and really refers to the fact that the lead investor has none of their OWN money down in a deal. This often means there is still a down payment involved but it may have come from another investor or through creative financing. Before you invest in real estate with no money down, make sure to do research. Develop your knowledge of both buying and selling real estate. Make sure you are familiar with the laws and rules of your local area as well as any state and national regulations. Understanding these is essential for the real estate investor. Another key issue is that it would help greatly to find a seller that is interested in seller assisted financing. The seller is the key to the ability to invest in property without a down payment. This seller assisted financing is the hardest part to finding property with no down payment. There are different types of seller assisted financing. One method is to have the seller pay your down payment. For instance, you are purchasing a property for $111k and you tell the seller you will purchase the property for $111k if they pay the $11k down payment for your mortgage, so you are effectively purchasing the property for $100k. This method works well. If you are looking for seller-assisted financing, one method is to lease the piece of property from the seller instead of buying it. Instead of sending a monthly payment to the bank, you would instead be sending it to the property owner. The advantage of this is that it lets you circumvent the bank’s normal down payment requirements and you are free to renovate and update the property in order to sell or lease it to another person. These varying approaches to investing without a down payment can be very profitable. They have permitted many individuals to begin investing in real estate without great amounts of money typically needed for up-front costs like initial closing costs or down payments. A good means of finding investing information is to look on the internet. Many websites exist that contain valuable, and free, information. To utilize one of these websites to get the information you need, try the search string – real estate investing no money down. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: