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Boot Camp Owner Launches Bodybuilding Bootcamp Posted By: Justin Yule Continuing research shows when we perform high-intensity interval training (HIIT) for maximum fat loss and fitness results it’s best to perform exercises in a non-competing circuit fashion. There are a number of different ways to perform non-competing or alternating sets and each has its own merit: Supersets: Alternate between 2 different non-competing exercises (e.g. upper body and lower body such as pushups and lunges) Trisets: Alternate between 3 different exercises (e.g. push, pull, and lower body such as pushups, rows, and lunges) Circuits: Alternate between four or more different exercises However, every once in a while it’s fun AND effective to take a different approach – a more old school approach with a new school twist AND hellip; I’d like to share one of my personal favorites. I call it… BODYBUILDING BOOTCAMP! Bodybuilding Bootcamp (BBBC) combines classic old-school bodybuilding style training with new-school metabolic training for maximum muscle building and fat melting results. This program is really gonna burn AND hellip; BBBC is a method of intentionally overloading each target muscle group by performing consecutive sets of the same exercise with short rest periods between sets in an effort to stimulate maximum hypertrophy – much like a bodybuilder would.Bodybuilding Bootcamp Bodybuilding Workout Program Chanhassen Bootcamp Chanhassen boot camp boot camp in Chanhassen Chanhassen weight loss program Cha Bodybuilding Bootcamp Chanhassen Personal Trainer Reveals Tabata Revolution Posted By: Justin Yule Studies conducted by Dr. Tabata and other Japanese researchers in 1994 show results that have forever changed the way fitness professionals (the elite ones anyway) program workouts designed to burn fat and boost fitness. There were 2 groups in this landmark study. Group 1 did steady state cardio for 60 minutes – the long, slow, boring stuff you see most people do at your local gym with no results to show for it. Group 2 did high-intensity interval training for only 4 minutes on a bike, consisting of 20 seconds of maximum effort and 10 seconds of rest for 8 total rounds. The researchers found that the interval group had greater fat loss and fitness results than the steady-state cardio group proving the merits of high-intensity interval training in providing maximum results in minimal time- a tenet that’s of the utmost importance for busy people struggling to fit a daily workout into their schedule. Since that study, the Tabata protocol has been used all over the world. Some trainers have applied it well; most have not. Here are the top 3 mistakes we’ve seen with Tabata training: 1.Tabatas Workout Muse Chanhassen Bootcamp Chanhassen boot camp boot camp in Chanhassen Chanhassen weight loss program Chanhassen weight loss center Cha Tabatas Get Ready For Spring Break With These March Madness Inspired Weight Loss Programs Posted By: Justin Yule Ohhhhhh yeah! It’s that time of the year…MARCH MADNESS! For the college basketball lovers it’s all about the big tourney. For many of us in the Upper-Midwest it’s also the time of year we start to lose it from being cooped up inside for so many months. Ugh, the grey skies… Anyway, spring is just around the corner and before you know it…bathing suit season! If you want to look great at the lake (lots of lakes in MN) then you better start your training NOW! Beyond the bikini body, it’s also great to be able to run and play on the beach, jog or bike around the lakes, or play a game of pick-up without being sidelined by poor cardiovascular conditioning. That’s why my clients and I love getting in great shape with this killer March Madness basketball-conditioning program. The program includes two distinctly different high intensity interval-training (HIIT) programs: 1. 15:45 intervals that explode your metabolism for all day fat burning 2.March Madness Chanhassen Bootcamp Chanhassen boot camp boot camp in Chanhassen Chanhassen weight loss program Chanhassen weight loss center Chanhassen March Madness Denyse Aldrich: Boot Camp Member Spotlight Posted By: Justin Yule Denyse Aldrich started Look Great at the Lake Boot Camp when I first opened up for business. At that time, boot camp was held in a local Chaska park, and I offered a FREE 3-week trial to everyone in the Jonathan Community where I live – and, so does Denyse. Denyse struggled with her weight for what probably seems like forever. She’s in a high-stress job; she can’t even tell me everything she does – I like to think of her as the backbone to a secret agency. 😉 She has to deal with occasional travel, lots of late nights and way too many meetings. She’s been known to skip meals all day and then be starving for dinner – classic, right? Bottom line: Denyse shares a very similar story to a large part of the American workforce. Overstressed. Overworked. Overweight. OK. Fast-forward a little. Denyse joins a weight loss AND fitness boot camp program and survives. That was step one for her. However, Denyse did not have those classic miracle testimonial results. While she felt awesome doing the workouts and she could really feel the difference, she wasn’t seeing a whole lot of difference. The scale just wasn’t moving.Chanhassen weight loss program Chanhassen exercise program Chanhassen boot camp Chanhassen fitness program Chanhassen personal trainer Chanhassen weight loss program 相关的主题文章: