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Business These days everyone wants to work at home. Staying at home saves us money on daycare expenses, driving, time and more. We can sleep later, stay up later, and make our schedules fit our lives rather than our lives fit our work schedules. Most jobs from home won’t net you much money, but they do save you enough money to live just as well as you would making 5 or 10 dollars per hour more than you would make at an office job. For married mothers with two, three or more small children at home, an online job is a savings grace. By working from home, these women can afford to buy the luxury items they wouldn’t be able to afford otherwise. For single mothers, there aren’t many jobs out there that can allow women, or men for that matter, keep an eye on their kids, spend quality time with them and still make enough money to survive. Working from home used to be a luxury, but with the advent of the personal computer and internet, almost anyone can do it. Below is a list of creative ways to make money online, from home, with minimal hassle: 1)Write and sell your own ebook. If you are an expert on a certain subject, like cooking, childcare regulations or even woodworking, you can write and sell your own ebook. Ebooks can be difficult to market, so its a good idea to do a lot of research before investing your time. Most ebooks are about 35 to 70 pages long and can net the writer about $2000 if marketed properly. Growing industries, such as makeup, hair care, how to guides, and money saving tips can net you even more money. 2)Get paid to take online surveys. The average survey pays between $2 and $9 and takes between 5 and 30 minutes to complete. There are a lot of scam sights on the web, so you must be careful who you work with. Legitimate paid surveys can be hard to find. A clearing house for companies needing survey takers is a good place to start looking. is a good site to try. 3)If you are good with a camera, take pictures and sell them at iStockPhoto. Plenty of people are selling pictures of the oil spill, nature hikes, restaurants and more to news agencies through sites like this. Every copy sold makes you money and a small percentage is paid to the website you post with. These websites can even set up prepaid Visa or MasterCard and load your payments onto them. While there are literally thousands of ways to make money online, these are just a few. If you want to work from home, there are ways to do it. Keep your eyes open for the next segment about how to make money from home! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: