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Do you find it easy to write songs? Too easy? Well, I at least have had a problem with this. If you would visit our home and my garage you would find a lot of unfinished songs and a lot of manuscript paper with some notes on them showing that I wanted to say something with music but never finished it. Maybe you always finish your songs, record them or have well documented lists with your songs for easy access. That’s the way I work now but obviously didn’t work before. Nowadays I have started to realize the importance of finishing songs that I have found enough important to start writing in the first place. I think it is important for you and me to complete songs we have started to write for the following reasons: 1. It is when songs are complete that other people can benefit from them and you can feel that you have contributed something to the benefit of others and to yourself. 2. It has a positive effect on your subconsious mind to take your composition the whole way to completion. It will give you the realization that you can write songs. It’s that simple! 3. As I mentioned before you will avoid having a lot of unfinished songs hanging around. It can be unfinished recordings or pieces of paper with a few words on them indicating an attempt to create something that probably meant a lot then but now is just words. If you are signed to a recording company you will be more or less forced to produce things. The product will hopefully be a CD with maybe twelve songs on it and a show for your promotion tour. It seems like slavery to be forced to produce a product like a CD. But having this obvious goal to work towards and the pressure involved can actually promote creativity. If you are not signed to a record label you can benefit from working with your songs in a similar way. 1. Set a goal to produce for example three songs and set the prerequisites like writing one love ballad, one uptempo song and a waltz. 2. When you have made the songs record them and burn them on a CD. 3. Learn the songs by heart and sing and play them for your friends. Doing this will increase your faith in your ability to produce songs and I think you will feel a greater joy and satisfaction in your great enterprise to write songs for the benefit of mankind and, of course, yourself. About the Author: Rock The Party With The Groovy Songs Available At By: Ragini Sharma – Undoubtedly, while living in 21st century most of us are aware of partying. In fact, most of us actually party almost all night in weekends and enjoy our life. Tags: What Makes Casio Keyboard Stand Out: Check Out Casio Keyboard Price Online Too! By: nilesh chavan – Here is some interesting information and facts one needs to know about the Casio keyboard and its earlier variant, the Casiotone. It also includes many features of the keyboards by Casio along with why it is a wonderful selection for beginners and professional musicians alike. Ch … Tags: Smarter Toddler Celebrates 14 Years Of Instilling A Love Of Art, Music & Learning In Nyc Children By: Franklin Frith – 1888PressRelease – Leading Arts-Based Nursery & Preschool, Smarter Toddler, Continues to Provide High Quality Childcare and Early Childhood Education Services to New York City Families For 14 Years. Tags: Choose Pragmatically: Hohner Harmonica By: nilesh chavan – When it comes to easy playability, cost efficiency and handiness, its hard to triumph over the beautiful harmonica. Despite their humble size and pricing, harmonicas accomplish to produce an astounding range of tones, and this resourcefulness is reflected in the music genre in … Tags: Enjoy The Extravagant Collection Of Latest Punjabi Songs By: Ragini Sharma – India is a land of diverse cultures and religions where each culture and religion having its own customs and traditions distinct from others and having its own uniqueness. Tags: Dj Chris Dollar Releases Brand New Mixtape Featuring Top New York Independent Artists By: Franklin Frith – 1888 Press Release – One of NYC’s top Club Deejays Dj Chris Dollar releases his latest mixtape "Money Power Respect: Vol. 1". Tags: Advantages Of Buying Gospel Music Online By: GoodContent – ALL YOUR FAVORITE GOSPEL MUSIC IN ONE PLACE AT GREAT DISCOUNT PRICES! Tags: All You Need To Know About Hiring A Professional Voice Over Artist By: smartweb – Finding a voice over actor can be quite the process, especially if you have not done this before. Tags: What To Avoid As You Look To Hire Voice Over By: smartweb – One of the biggest misconceptions that people have about voice actors for hire is that their work is simple, and getting a good voice over is only a matter of a few minutes. Tags: A Short Guide To Getting The Best Voice Overs By: smartweb – As you go out in search of the right kind of voice talent, its obvious that you want the best voice overs, and this is only fair. Tags: 相关的主题文章: