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Arts-and-Entertainment 2011 national smoking electronic cigarette sales In 2009 May, the Ministry of health, State Administration of traditional Chinese medicine, the General Logistics Department of health and the armed forces health department have jointly issued" on the 2011 national health care system comprehensive smoking decisions", requirement this year in the army all health administrative departments and at least 50% of the medical and health institution should be built a smoke-free units, to ensure that the 2011 to achieve the medical and health system comprehensive smoking ban target. Now, 2011 has been quietly approached the national ban on smoking, smoke flavor more strong. In order to comply with the national smoking ban appeal, also to yourself and your family’s health, many smokers began smoking in the hard course of development. In order to meet the needs of smokers smoking, appear on the market a lot of smoking products, at present, the most popular is the k-smoker electronic cigarette. A lot of people for the electronic cigarette may also unfamiliar, electronic cigarette is a new type of electronic products, it has the same appearance and cigarettes, and cigarette approximation with taste, while the role of a smoking cessation. Electronic cigarette for smokers and provide a safe and meet their smoking choice, to regain due to increasing use of common smoke in public places restrictions and the loss of freedom. Electronic cigarettes seem to have cravings, but is actually in smoking cessation, is currently the most health quit the highest success rate of painless worry-free smoking one way. Tobacco brings harm long-standing, when it is from Pandora’s box was released, becomes the mankind long nightmare. Electronic cigarette smoking is the advent of human history of revolution. Its birth is to humans, especially the majority of smokers to bring the gospel, it would have on the human way of life has a profound influence. We believe that electronic cigarette smoke can eliminate the harm to human beings. tags electronic cigarette 相关的主题文章: