once you can see you are building a business that’s going to give you the lifestyle you want 王心凌私密照外泄

Internet-and-Business-Online When setting up an Internet business the first and most important step is to choose the right kind of business. Make the wrong choice here and you could find yourself working like a slave, but get it right and you can enjoy freedom and flexibility — the Internet dream. But how do you set about choosing your ideal business? Here are five pointers… MOTIVATION & LIFESTYLE A big key to success is being properly motivated. Making money is good, but if you have to kill yourself each week to do it, then … not so good. The ideal of course is to make money but also have the lifestyle to enjoy it, which means having freedom to take time off more or less when you please. Sadly, not many Internet businesses deliver on the dream. There are too many that lock you into a routine and work schedule that leave you little better off than in a 9-5 job. So in choosing your ideal business you need to think about the sort of lifestyle you want, and not just the money. And, once you can see you are building a business that’s going to give you the lifestyle you want, then it is very motivating to carry on and succeed. A BUSINESS TRULY YOUR OWN As well as a good lifestyle, the ideal type of business will also give you stability and future prospects. That really means it has to be your own business. You see, if you are too dependent on other people then you are very vulnerable and also not so able to develop and grow the business. For example, affiliate marketing might be fairly quick and easy to set up, but it’s not building your own business, it’s building the product owner’s business. And what if he decides to pack up one day? Not good for stability and future growth. Or, how about MLM or network marketing? There you are also dependent on other people: the parent organisation, their policies and commission structures, and of course your own downline … getting them to recruit, to try to build the business. And turning it around, whatever success you have also goes to benefit your upline — not just you. But, build your own business and you can develop it in exactly the way you want; and you will be the one benefiting. PROFITS — FOR THE LONG TERM Having your own business is the first step to maximising your profits. Having profitable products is the second! Now, digital information products are quite possibly the ideal: e-books, audios, videos. They are quite easy and cheap to create, and being digital that is a one time task. No manufacturing, no stock, no storage, and no shipping — because they can be instantly downloaded anywhere in the world. That makes every sale close to 100% profit. And also, information products are always in great demand. A perfect example would be simple how-to guides — short e-books that provide an answer to a problem or teach a technique, or just provide information on a specific topic in demand. So what is the key to long term profits? First, designing a product line from the outset where one product links to another, so each customer is likely to buy more than one; and secondly, creating higher priced versions and combinations of those products. A BUSINESS ON AUTO-PILOT Ah yes… the Internet dream. And again, with digital info products it is possible. Having created the product once and put it up on a simple sales page online, it can sell for years and years to come — without you having to touch it. Imagine that — sales depositing payments into your bank account even while you sleep, or while you’re on vacation. Talking of which, because this business is digital, you can run it from anywhere in the world, and anytime you want … which brings us back to lifestyle — freedom and flexibility, and your ideal type of business. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: