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Quit-Smoking Electronic cigarettes are devices which give out doses of vapor of nicotine or non-nicotine solution which are inhaled. This solution is known as E-Liquid. Electronic cigarettes are battery powered and were invented to provide an alternative to smoked tobacco products like cigarette, pipes and cigars. Electronic cigarettes come in different flavors and the individual who inhales the vapor from the smokeless E-Liquid experiences a physical sensation that is similar to the sensation one gets after inhaling tobacco smoke. This is because this vapor simulates the effects of tobacco smoke. The interesting thing is that this happens there is no tobacco, combustion does not take place and there is no smoke. The makers of Electronic cigarettes are quite creative. They have come up with many several interesting designs that resemble different things. There are designs that look like cigarettes, pipes or cigars, while others look like screwdrivers and others ballpoint pens. E cigs are of two kinds: there are re-usable electronic cigarettes and disposable electronic cigarettes. Re-usable electronic cigarettes come with refillable parts. Smokeless E-Liquid is the solution which turns into vapor after it is heated by means of the electric cigarettes atomizer. Smokeless E-Liquid is a water based solution of nicotine which turns in to the vapor when used in an electronic cigarette. Smokeless E-Liquid is also known as E-Juice liquid. It does not produce smoke since on heating with the electric cigarettes atomizer it changes into vapor. Smokeless E-Liquid usually comes in many flavors as well as nicotine levels. Re-usable electronic cigarette come with refill cartridges. Users are able to determine the level of nicotine they need in each cartridge therefore they are able to control the amount of nicotine to ingest. This way, a user who has been addicted to tobacco smoking can gradually reduce the nicotine levels and eventually quit smoking completely. The entire flavor is usually in the smokeless E-Liquid and so to fix an E cig is quite convenient. E cigs come in starter kits that contain everything one needs to begin smoking their new electronic cigarette. These kits usually come with several replacement cartridges which contain the nicotine and smokeless E-Liquid. The cartridges can be used quite a number of times. One is able to know when to replace a cartridge as an empty cartridge does not produce any vapor. E cigs are cost effective when you compare the price with that of normal cigarettes, cigars or pipes. About the Author: Tips To Enjoy Big Vapor Production From Electronic Hookah Pens By: Leo Zackerman – There are a lot of factors that determine how much your e-cigarette can generate vapor production. Vapor production is the major indicator of the quality of your vaping products. 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