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UnCategorized You’ve just established your home based business online, you’ve chosen a product to promote on the web and you’re now in the midst of creating your Internet marketing strategy and you’ve decided to make social media marketing a part of your overall plan by joining facebook. For the unintiated, according to google.ca, "facebook is a social networking website that is operated and privately owned by Facebook, Inc. Since September 2006, anyone over the age of 13 with a valid e-mail address (and not residing in one of the countries where it is banned) can become a Facebook user." There are many advantages to the home business owner of making facebook a segment of your Internet marketing plan and there are many do’s and don’ts you should know about before joining the social media craze. The sheer numbers alone make this social site a haven for the Internet marketer to approach by advertising their products and their website. With over 80 million members facebook can be used as an invaluable Internet marketing tool. Because you can interact with people individually through a message board this provides the opportunity to establish relationships and build the trust necessary to convince people to become client’s of your home business. Registering with facebook is a very simple process and once you’ve joined you can construct your profile. When doing so keep in mind that you’re a business person and you will be promoting your website and your products to your facebook friends. Try to keep your introduction warm and friendly but also have a professional approach in order to maintain a sense of decorum and respect. With regard to content please remember not to load your page with a lot of games and trivial software which is unrelated to your home business. Make sure your photo is business like but also add pictures which reflect you in a more relaxed atmosphere which demonstrates that you are a person with a normal life away from your enterprise. Also make sure to include the business url’s for your websites but also have a link which directs people to your "about" page. This way they can discover who you are and why you’re an expert in the Internet marketing field or whatever area you’re promoting. Now for some of the don’ts related to dealing with facebook. Spamming people of course is a very big don’t when communicating on facebook. This can quickly eliminate any trust and credibility you’ve built with your friends and with the administrator’s of the website. Spamming can also lead to being banned from the site which will affect your home business in a very negative way throughout the Internet as word spreads online. Be very careful who you accept as friends on your facebook page. You don’t want to give your business a bad reputation because you’ve associated yourself with some unsavory characters on the web page. If someone becomes overly friendly or becomes a nuisance block them from your profile before it becomes an untenable situation. Don’t add a lot of slow loading software or games to your page because the last thing you need is a profile which takes forever to load in people’s web browsers. You want your business seen which is the whole point of joining facebook in the first place. Don’t place your link indiscriminately throughout the website. This will turn people off and they will soon realize the only reason you’re a member is to make money with your home business. This can also lead to complaints of spamming and more serious consequences. Always remind yourself this is a professional business website and your potential customers and current clients will be viewing your profile so don’t say or do anything to jeopardize the future of your home based business online. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: