[朴槿惠再度出庭]_朴槿惠再度出庭 崔顺实被判处三年的监禁 [park again appear]_ Park Court again Cui Shunshi was sentenced to three years in prison-水果姐向霉霉示好

朴槿惠再度出庭 崔顺实被判处三年的监禁







在Yonhap引用的判决裁决中,首尔中央地区法院说,“接受崔i ired ired to give give give give give。”的证据。













Pu Jinhui appeared in court again, and Cui was sentenced to three years in prison

Local time June 26, 2017, South Korea Seoul, South Korean President Park Geun hye was transferred to the Seoul central district court trial, again, park Geun hye, head of white hair striking. Park 4……

Local time June 26, 2017, South Korea, Seoul, South Korean President Park Geun hye was transferred to the Seoul central district court trial, again, park Geun hye, head of white hair striking. 40 years, park Geun Hye bestie "intervention" mainly involved Cui Shunshi and former culture tourism minister Zhao Yunxuan and former Secretary of the Chong Wa Dae office director Jin Qichun et al on trial on the same day. The trial of Park Geun hye ended in just an hour.

Inchon news agency reported Friday that former South Korean leader Pu Rongxi’s friend Cui Shunshi is the influence of rampant scandal rocked the center, business and political elite in the country, was sentenced to three years in prison.

The court ruling was the first of a long row of Cui Shunshi’s decision against the ousted South Korean President, who was arrested and jailed and corruption scandals brought the government to an end.

The prosecutor asked Cui to block business and contact the park on a seven year prison term to force the university to give her daughter preferential treatment.

In the ruling decision cited by Yonhap, the Seoul central court said, "accept the Cui i ired ired to give give give give give."." Proof.

The court said: Cui violated the law and the appropriate procedures to benefit her daughter. The Reuters can not immediately notify the court officials of the confirmation report.


Cui also faces separate charges that have not yet been heard, extortion, abuse of power and attempts to swindle companies from commercial businesses. She and the park denied all charges against them.

Prosecutors accused Choi of getting her daughter into the prestigious women’s University of Victoria and plotting with the faculty there, despite changes in class attendance and plagiarism, but her female student record has changed.

Yonhap reported that the court also sentenced the chancellor to two years in prison.

The ten year old daughter, Cai, Asian Games equestrian gold medallist Zhong Yu fled to Europe last year. Earlier this month she returned to Korea, and claims to remove any misunderstanding.

The authorities found that her high school graduation and her high school diploma had been cancelled and her examination results had been falsified after high school.

The prosecution had twice sought an arrest warrant, Mr. Chung detained for corruption scandal accused Samsung (005930.KS) to provide economic assistance to her, to help her equestrian training.

Chung has denied any involvement, and says she does not know how Samsung’s sponsorship has affected her equestrian career. However, she later admitted in question that she knew that Samsung was her client, and her mother asked her to keep it.

The court denied Mr. Chung asked prosecutors, and her mother, the park and the Samsung Group CEO Li Zhaoxing jailed. Li Ye denies all charges against him.

Recently, Li Zairong (49) tried to find out that the special lawyer was introduced by the lawyer at the end of the trial, vice president of Samsung Electronics, Liu Xing, 1233, "the state actually imports lieutenant," also rejected the statement.

The finance side Lee Gyeongjae lawyer called on the opposition "like some people to testify against the company’s hagetdaneun refusal" and repeated inquiries about who denies the allegations of human rights violations."

Special investigators and writers sued to check whether the statements were filed and charged, the law enforcement agency’s newspaper said, witnesses said there were no rejection targets