Please eat ice cream]_ [Putin Putin paid officials to eat ice cream, the salesgirl feel shy.-裸身吹头发现男子

In the summer, eat some delicious ice cream is undoubtedly a good way to cool qushu. Recently, during Russian President Putin to visit Moscow in zhukovskiy International Aerospace Exhibition is out of pocket, please the government delegation to eat ice cream. He also said ice cream is delicious and worth recommending. At the Moscow International Aerospace Exhibition (MAKS-2017), Putin went to a booth in a large number of members of the government and industry leaders accompanied by, there are many varieties of Russian ice cream for sale. Putin asked the salesgirl, "what would you like us to have?"" The salesgirl was a little embarrassed and introduced the varieties of ice cream. The Russian president chose a cream ice cream. Subsequently, Putin took out 1000 rubles (about 114 yuan) bill payment, the clerk began to change, but Putin has decided to invite everyone to eat ice cream. He looked in the direction of their officials accompanied the nod said: "without money, give them some ice cream too." "We have a lot of people who want to try ice cream," says Chemezov, President of the Russian technology group". Putin asked with concern, "please see if the money is enough."". The salesman was very embarrassed and replied, "to tell you the truth, I’m not sure."". At this point, Chemezov handed out another 5000 rubles to the salesgirl. Putin said to him, "your company is making 80 billion this year. It’s enough to buy ice cream."." The reporter then asked the Russian President how the ice cream tasted. Putin replied, "yummy, I recommend."." Russian President Putin is known for his love of ice cream. According to the "Chef Club" the founder of French businessman Braga de said that since childhood eating popsicles left a good impression, so Putin very love to eat ice cream.



普京对女售货员询问道:“请我们吃些什么呢?” 女售货员有些不好意思,简单地介绍了冰激凌的种类。俄罗斯总统选择了一款奶油冰淇淋。

随后,普京掏出1000卢布(约114元)的钞票付款,售货员开始找零,但普京却决定请大家吃冰淇淋。他朝陪同自己的官员方向点头示意称:“不用找钱,给他们也来点冰淇淋吧。” 俄罗斯技术集团公司总裁切梅佐夫也表示,“我们有很多想品尝冰淇淋的人”。